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Question (scenario): The organization that you are employed by treats the ability to have good workplace relationships as a very important part of the skills of their managers. You have been selected for a promotion within your workplace. You will be required to become the team leader of a team that is having difficulties with team relationships. The team is made up of a very diverse group of individuals and some of those individuals are finding it difficult to feel comfortable in their workplace. The effect of the disharmony is that productivity has dropped.

You are to write a report to your manager describing what you would do to improve the workplace relationships of the team. You are required to show how you will improve teamwork and moral so that productivity will increase.

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Manage the conflict within the team.

Different communication styles to use or not to use.

Use of networking to improve the relationships.

Act, according to the diversity of team members

Legislation can affect your behaviour with the team members.

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