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In all the Australian universities, business report is an important element of the management courses. The students are taught about various types of business report and the way to approach these reports. Report writing is considered as an important aspect of the academic curriculum of a management student. The students are taught the way to approach the report clearly and succinctly by providing appropriate evidence about the content. Introduction of the Business report writing helped the students to keep in touch with the topics of the subject but at the same time, it stresses them. Therefore, compelling the students to seek for specific business report writing help.

Different Type of Business Report Assignment

There are many different types of business assignments. All these assignments differ from each other due to the content. So, these are classified into various heads. The heads are discussed below:

Assignment on Marketing Report- The assignment on business report on marketing requires the student to have an in-depth knowledge about various aspects of marketing like the four P’s of marketing, branding, advertisement, promotion etc. If you are availing the business report writing help from an expert, he must know the application of all the marketing theories given by various marketing experts. The assignment may require the expert to have some understanding of the specialized field of strategic marketing.

As our business report assignment writing help experts explains, this assignment requires the student to prepare a report on marketing and develop a strategic marketing approach. It includes analysis of the internal environment, resource and capabilities, evaluating the external environment of the business by undergoing research, analysis and planning. It also asks the expert to evaluate markets, competitor and segments by use of various marketing tools.

Assignment on Human Resource Report- The assignment on human resource report requires the student to have understanding about the importance of human resource to an organisation. These assignments include discussion about leadership, motivation, compensation management, performance management etc. The student must have knowledge about various theories like Maslow need hierarchy theory, carrot and stick theory etc. To solve the questions based on these theories may seem to be an upstream task. Availability of business report assignment help experts has made the lives of many students easy.

Here the assignment on human resource asks the writer to describe a new story that was provided in the assignment and then discuss issues that were raised in the story.

Assignment on Financial Management- the assignment of financial management requires the experts to have knowledge about various approaches and principles of financial management. The expert may be asked to prepare balance sheet, cash flow statement, and profit and loss statement of any organisation. Such assignment can only be done by adroit business report assignment writing experts who know the way to approach them.

Here the above assignment is about evaluating the annual report of Coca-Cola Company that is listed on Australia stock exchange (ASX). The assignment requires the expert to list the intangible assets in this company and then comment on the recognition of these assets. The assignment also asks the expert to evaluate the measurement of the intangible assets.

How to Approach a Business Report?

Components- Report is a type of format that is used in writing an assignment by the student. The information that is presented in a report should be structured in various headings. There are several components of the report like executive summary, table of content, introduction, body of the report, literature review, analysis, finding & discussion and the conclusion & recommendations. The major components among the above listed are the executive summary, introduction, body of the report and the conclusion.

Word Count- All these components are assigned a particular word count. The introduction and the conclusion is around 10% of the total word count of the report respectively while the body of the report is 80% of the total word count of the report. The executive summary is also confined to word count that depends upon the total word count of the report. The report requires the student writer to provide different headings according to the need of the content.

References- At the end of the report, there must be a list of reference that must have URL’s to provide more authenticity to the references. These references must be cited in the text and the writer must use the prescribe format of reference, for example: APA and Harvard. The report generally analyses the current situation and provides recommendations to improve it in the future.

Mistakes To be Avoided in Business Report Assignments

As per the experience and observations made by the online business report assignment help experts, there are several mistakes that the students must avoid in order to deliver good quality assignments. These are:

Following The Correct Format- the student must follow the correct format of preparing a business report. All the various component that are a part of the report like table of content, executive summary, introduction, and body of the report as well as the conclusion must be included in the report. The report must have a proper cover page that should be able to provide the reader knowledge about the topic that is discussed in the report.

Mistake in Analysis and Evaluation- the expert must be able to undertake a proper analysis and evaluation of the topic that is being discussed in the report. The analysis requires an in-depth research about the topic and then finding out the outcomes. The report must provide recommendations after critically evaluating the topic that must be supported by adequate literature review.

Must Have an Executive Summary- each and every report must have an executive summary. All the written projects are usually started with introduction but a report must always have an executive summary, that is an elongated conclusion of the report. All the content of the report is summed up in the executive summary and should always be written after writing all the other components of the report.

Not Following a Clear Structure- one of the most common mistakes that is undertaken in writing a report is not following a clear structure. So, it is really important to divide the report into various heading and sub-headings that are related to the topic of the report. This way the student writer will be able to write a good and useful report and the writing will be much easier and error free.

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