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Big Data Analytics Assignment Help Using Hadoop, R, Python etc..

In recent years, most of the organizations are dealing with the huge volume of data, and also the cost of such data storage is reaching a lower level. Research organizations and private limited companies are confining terabytes of data concerning to their users, business, etc.,

Big Data Assignment Help

Big Data is the Data collection which cannot be stored or analyzed within the time frame in question. We use the word big data to refer to data in terabytes, petabytes, gigabytes or anything larger in terms of big data the conventional database system.it is not fully defined the term of big data because the reason is behind that is a small amount of the data can be referred to as big data, which is depending on the context in which it is used.

Example of big data:

When you're trying to attach a 100 MB size file via email, we won't be able to do that as an attachment of this size wouldn't be allowed by the email system. This 100 MB of email system data can, therefore, be referred to as Big Data.

Now the challenge is to construct the logic of this huge repository of data. Here, the big data analytics arrives in.

The 5 - V of Big Data Assignment Help Online

If you want to understand what type of data you can classify as Big Data, you have 5 – V for that.

Types of Big Data

1. Volume

Nowadays, most of the data which is being generated is very high in volume. And over the past decade with the evolution of technology, that data is getting bigger and bigger.

2. Velocity

Due to the popularity of many web-based applications, the data generated by them comes at a greater pace too. For instance, on YouTube around 300 hours of video are uploaded every min. Now imagine how much content is being uploaded every day.

3. Variety

Different data types are generated from different sources. And we deal with these different kinds of files, all at once. This data includes a variety of files such as tabular columns, Images, Videos, Audio, log tables, and more.

4. Veracity

Not all of the data is clean and accurate. At times, we all have data that is incomplete or not up to the mark.

5. Value

The data which is generated should be of some value. It should not be gibberish.

Tools needed For Big Data Assignment Help Services:

  1. Hadoop Eco-system & Architecture
  2. HDFS & YARN Architecture
  3. pig
  4. hive
  5. oozie
  6. Mapreduce
  7. Scoop & Flume
  8. Hbase

Big Data Assignment Help Problems

The Big Data Analytics majorly includes gathering data from different data sources, organizing the data in a proper way to be utilized by the analytical persons and delivering final data products to the institutional Business needs

The procedure of transforming a huge volume of unformatted raw data received from sources of different organizations to a final product of data useful for many organizations forms is the fact of using Big Data Analytics.

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  • Business Development activity
  • Development of individuals
  • Improvement in Research and health care
  • Social security and Crime Control
  • To development public services by government

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There are different job with big data knowledge in Big Data Skill Job Occurrence-

  • Big Data Analyst
  • Project Management Head- Big Data
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Solutions Expert

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