SITXCCS007 Enhance customer service experience | Australian University Assignment

1.1 Determine and confirm customer preferences, needs and expectations.

1.2 Advise customers about appropriate products and services to meet their needs.

1.3 Anticipate customer preferences, needs and expectations throughout the service experience.

1.4 Promptly provide products and services with professional and personalised service to meet individual preferences

1.5 Offer extras and add-ons and provide tailored and additional products and services

1.6 Check actioning of special requests before customer delivery.

1.7 Liaise with team members and suppliers to ensure efficient service delivery

1.8 Share customer information with team members to ensure quality service.

2.1 Identify problems with products and services and take immediate action to address before provision to customer.

2.3 Advise customers of alternative products and services

2.4 Proactively compensate for service difficulty in line with own level of responsibility and organisational policy

2.5 Provide ongoing internal feedback on service issues and suggest improvements

3.1 Use questioning techniques to establish and agree on the nature, possible cause and details of the complaint.

3.2 Assess impact on the customer.

3.3 Take responsibility for resolving complaints in a professional manner and using communication techniques to assist in their management.

3.4 Determine options to resolve complaints and promptly analyse and decide on optimal solutions, taking organisational constraints into account

3.5 Act swiftly to resolve complaints and prevent escalation, in consultation with customer and to customer satisfaction.

3.6 Turn complaints into opportunities to demonstrate high quality customer service.

4.1 Promote repeat business by offering promotional services according to individual empowerment and organisational policy

4.2 Maintain customer profiles to enhance service delivery.

4.3 Provide personalised service to customers in a professional manner that builds repeat business

4.4 Provide tailored products and services based on customer profile.

Part A: Project


The travel industry is a service industry. Customers expect to receive good service.

You work in Flight Centre Travel Agency in Sydney and have sold an around the world ticket through One World (Assessment 1 SIT40116 Australian and International Destinations) to your customer Mr John Smith (60 years old) and his wife Mrs Joan Smith (55 years old).

They live at 555 George St Sydney, Phone 0292225555. (The remaining information can be fictional)

You also organised a car hire for the Smiths to get to the airport at the Australian destination of Sector 1 (from your Assessment – attach copy of one world booking map to response)

In the planning of their trip they also mentioned that it is also their 25th Wedding anniversary.

So you organised a private customised one day tour including quality food and beverage (wines) at that overseas destination of Sector 2 (Research online for such tour at destination of Sector 2 – Give web link)

Each Task is worth 5 marks. Students should aim to write up to 1000 words per answer.


1.1 Outline what questions would you need to ask to be able to complete an initial Customer profile – List 10 key questions?

1.2 What further information would you need to ask this couple to have a fuller understanding of their needs for the ability to quote on such a global holiday and their individual special requests? Note the age, budget requirements, health factors and experiences sought.

1.3 Write a customer profile Form/Template based on the information provided (Use Mundus software, under trainer instruction).

1.4 List 5 actions you could take to provide good customer service to Mr & Mrs Smith.

1.5 How would you manage the multiple demands that they will have in regards to this trip?

1.6 Outline what extras and add-on you could use to enhance the customer service experience.

Part B: Project

Scenario continued

Mr and Mrs Smith returned from the holiday and they completed your feedback survey with the following comment;

The holiday was a problem in several areas. The car that you hired us in the Australian destination was not ready in time. We arrived at 4pm, but told that the car was not returned and so had to wait. It was ready at 5.30pm and made our trip to the airport delayed to peak hour. This resulted in us missing our onward flight. We got to the airport after the check in time had passed (1900 hours) and went to the counter.

The customer service agent (Jo) at the airport desk was not helpful and did not to try assist and keep our schedule for the following day as we really needed a flight. Jo just told us ”that they were fully booked for the remainder of the night.”  They did not assist us at all...not a nice way to start our holiday. This lead us to miss our special day tour that you arranged”


2.1 Using the Flight Centre Philosophies (, including the purpose and values:

2.2 Your task is to write a 1 page (font 11) letter of complaint to the Airline head office, on behalf of your clients, in regards to the above details. Flight Centre also has a policy on Change and Cancellation and also Supplier Change and Cancellation which can be found at;

2.3 Following this write a 1 page (font 11) letter of reply as Mr Jones (Airline Communications manager) to you at Flight Centre Sydney and also to Mr and Mrs Smith. In this letter you are to look at and discuss the terms and conditions for the refund policy on missed flight and attached the link for the chosen airline on sector 3. You also need to be aware that the Smiths are long time customers of the chosen airline.

2.4 Outline in detail how you would use this opportunity to improve your relationship with the Smiths, within time constraints and then review and evaluate the reply from the perspective of the customer (The Smith’s).

2.5 What is the value of the customer compensation for Flight Centre and what else would need to be considered in this case.

Part A: Provide a quality service experience

  • 1.1 Outline what questions would you need to ask
  • 1.2 What further information would you need their individual special requests?
  • 1.3 Customer profile Form/Template (Print screen of Mundus Profile)
  • 1.4 5 actions
  • 1.5 Multiple demands
  • 1.6 Add on and upsell

Part B: Respond to difficult situations

  • 2.1 Complaint Letter
  • 2.2 Letter of reply
  • 2.3 Smith Perspective
  • 2.4 Compensation discussion


One world booking map (Assessment 1 SIT40116 Australian and International Destinations)