CPCCBC5018A Apply structural Principles Medium rise Construction | Australian University Assignment

Assessment Task 2: Site establishment & temporary works.

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Section A – Program/Course details

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Qualification title:

Diploma building construction

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Unit title:

Apply structural Principles Medium rise Construction

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Section C – Instructions to students

Task instructions:

  • Use technical report template provided in Bright-space with all technical data gathered from AS2601 and other referred documents to be referenced into completed Harvard style Bibliography.
  • Students to simulate coordination & management of site establishment planning from construction drawings provided. Site establishment plan must satisfy relevant OHS legislation, interpret and implement all onsite safety requirements for historical building programmed for external facelift and partial internal demolition works. This assessment task covers 14 % of your overall marks for this unit.
  • This assessment must be uploaded to Bright-space as required – see weekly schedule for due date.
  • No sharing of images or internet downloads accepted

Section D – Conditions for assessment


Student to complete and attach Assessment Cover Sheet to the completed Assessment Task.

  • Each step should be on a separate page. Any images need a heading and the required notation. (no text = FAIL)
  • The report should have a front cover, contents page and references notated.
  • Establishment Plan to refer to the site address as shown on construction drawings provided.
  • This Assessment Task is to be presented in a professional report format as set out in the report template provided, uploaded onto Brightspace.
  • Upload completed CRS170/CRS174/176whichever is applicable as separate document to Bright-space, THIS IS MANDATORY.
  • In a Word doc format (not in Pages Format) of the Assessment Task, dated with the unit code and title and Assessment Task number.
  • Pdf format of the report is also to be uploaded.
  • Definitely NO Zip files or WPS files.
  • File labelling convention yymmdd unit code Student name assessment task No.
  • Every task must be completed satisfactorily for competence to be achieved.
    *Competence must be achieved before grades are allocated.
  • Submitted work MUST achieve an acceptable Turn It in Score
  • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure submitted work returns an acceptable Turn It In score in line with Holmesglen’s plagiarism policy.

Equipment/resources students must access:

Equipment/resources to be provided by the RTO:

AS2601; Safe Work Australia Code of Practice for Demolition; NCC; Worksafe workplace amenities & work environment Sep 2008; NOHSC National COP for Noise management &hearing protection. Construction management plan guidelines City of Melbourne

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Section E – Marking Guide

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Assessment title:

Coordinate & manage site establishment and construction management plan

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Student name:

Student name.

Unit code:


Unit title:

Apply Structural Principles to medium-rise constructions.


Criteria for assessment





The following has been submitted for assessment:

Report format used for site establishment task

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Worksafe site establishment planning sheet used

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Marking criteria for each task process planned.


Analyse and describe workplace amenities that will be required for this site?

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Describe heath & hygiene requirements for 30 workers with 3 female onsite management personal.

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Plan requirements for partial internal wall/ceiling demolition work.

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Plan for heavy duty work platform to enable safe worker access for restoration of building external façade.

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Describe measures required to protect adjoining public footpath to comply with legal requirements AS2601.

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Consult City of Melbourne construction management guidelines and identify and analyse 6 CMP elements your establishment plan must comply with

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Describe how you might protect adjoining buildings and trees shown on working drawings.

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Provide details for an emergency evacuation plan.

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What are medical requirements for planned work force?

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Section F – Feedback to Student

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