BSBMGT502 Assessment 2 | Australian University Assignment

BSBMGT502 Assessment 2
EVE College Australia

Assessment Task 2: Design and train performance management systems Simulation/ role play Evaluation of documentation


This assessment task requires you (the Student) to demonstrate skills and knowledge required to design and train others on performance management systems.

In response to a simulated workplace scenario, you will design a performance management system and train peer managers.

Assessors will record the outcome of each question as either Satisfactory (S) or Not Satisfactory (NS) using the Assessment Task Checklist 2 Students will have a maximum of two (2) attempts to achieve a Satisfactory result for all ‘Essential Criteria’.

Students must complete all essential criteria unassisted by the Assessor or another person but, Students may refer to the learning resources and any reference material. The trainer/assessor will set a time for Students to submit their answers and Students should submit their written response and a correctly completed Assessment Cover Sheet by that due date.

Context of assessment conditions

  • This assessment task may be completed in a classroom, workplace or independent learning environment.
  • Students will require printed copies of this task along with pen, paper and office equipment and resources, business technology, organisational policies, procedures, quality systems, manuals and guidelines for customer management, examples of products/services and promotional strategies, case studies and, where possible, real situations, interaction with others to attempt this assessment.
  • Students must complete the Assessment Cover Sheet
  • Submissions must be made in written form unless reasonable adjustments are approved by the RTO manager. Submissions must be hand written and/or word-processed..

Decision-making rules

To achieve a satisfactory result, Students must:

  • Answer all questions correctly.

Essential Criteria

Students must:

  1. Review the Australian Hardware simulated business documentation provided to you by your assessor, particularly policies and procedures relevant to the current performance management system.
  2. Review the scenario below.

It has been noted by senior management that employee performance has generally fallen behind targets. Particular areas of concern are sales revenue and customer satisfaction.

Looking at the results of organisational climate measures taken by Australian Hardware’s HR team, employees complain of:

the lack of apparent management commitment to training and advancement

the lack of meaningful rewards and recognition

the lack of management presence and ongoing feedback on work performance.

A large proportion of employees, 45%, always or often feel disengaged from work; their sense of self-confidence and optimism is low.

There is a high risk of the organisation being unable to attract, retain and enact a succession plan if trends continue.

You are the Hardware and Homewares Manager at the Australian Hardware Wollongong store. As the most knowledgeable manager on matters of performance management, you have been asked to deliver a short training session (15–20 minutes) on the current performance management system and your plans to improve the current system to take account of HR information.

Your managerial audience is generally familiar with the current system, but would benefit from a refresher as an introduction to learning about your approved amendments.

  1. Arrange with your assessor:
    1. a time and place to role-play the training
    2. a timeframe and format requirements for submitting supporting documentation, as set out in the specifications below.
  2. Make appropriate amendments to the performance management system to address the identified deficiencies.
  3. Plan a short training session to convey the important features of the current performance management system and your amendments. Assume that your amendments have been approved and are supported by senior management for piloting at the Wollongong store.

Ensure they you cover the following in your session:

  1. Introduction to the main features of the performance management system in place, including:
    1. goal-setting and performance measurement processes
    2. formal and informal feedback
  • performance appraisals
  1. monitoring training and development
  2. recordkeeping needs and requirements
  1. Discussion of the amendments they you have made to the current system, including a focus on developing potential through positive development options rather than on identifying and correcting performance weaknesses.
  2. Prepare to answer questions on the amendments they you have made, particularly the purpose of your system (What do you hope to achieve? What problems does it address?) and how your amended system is designed to achieve that purpose.
  1. Deliver a 15–20-minute training session. Lead others by gaining support for your amended system: explain and argue for the benefits of your amendments.

Note: For example, Students could demonstrate amendments to the existing performance management system by amending existing processes in response to the scenario and then using these amendments in a training presentation. You could present these amendments on PowerPoint slides or create a revised performance management flow chart to present to managers.

  1. Submit supporting documentation to your assessor in accordance with the agreed timeframe, format and the below specifications.


You must:

  • Participate in a training session role-play
  • Submit amended performance management system documentation, such as revised policy or procedures for performance management
  • Submit training planning documentation, and presentation materials, such as PowerPoint presentation and any handouts provided.

Assessors will look for demonstration of your ability to:

  • Describe performance management systems, including monitoring, evaluation, providing feedback on performance
  • Train students (managers) in performance management systems to allow them to implement the system with their own staff
  • Describe how to keep records and documentation in accordance with the organisational performance management system
  • List performance measurement systems utilised within the organisation
  • Describe staff development options and information.

Part 1 Role play documentations

(Please attached the evidence such as conversation script, roleplaying video link, photos or any other method approved by your trainer and assessor)