Assignment on time

Colleges and schools are quite strict regarding the assignment. They don’t grant promotion to next level until students submit all their assignment on time. On the other hand, students are pre-occupied with so many works that they show sluggish behavior in writing the provided assignment. Most of them even request help from friends to get their work done timely. But all these tricks only allow students in completing the work but doesn’t help them in scoring a good grade. Moreover, you will not be aware of the content in your assignment and hence if any question is raised from the teacher; student fails to answer it correctly.

Assignment on timeSo, assignment must be completed on time but while writing assignment students are expected to include all important information in it. The important reason behind assigning you the written task is to make you revise the topic and grab all the important information. So, the core motive of assignment comes in question if the task is copied from elsewhere or if you ask your friend to write it for you.

Sometimes due to certain reasons students aren’t able to complete their work, some of the genuine reasons that become hurdle in completion of provided work are:

  • Unwell
  • Visit to doctor
  • Missed a className
  • Lack of interest in the course
  • Visiting relatives or parents
  • Economic stress etc.

Though there are thousands of reasons but ultimately students need to submit assignment on time to obtain a good grade.

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