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The passing days has always bought changes in the field of technology, particularly science. Every now and then, new inventions are done for the better life of human beings on the earth.

Science is not the miracle it’s all the hard work and output of human brain and also creative utilization of nature and its product. It is all the human effort that people have now been able to do all those things that was once a mystery. Likewise, recombinant DNA technology is not a new term nor it is anything that is impossible to understand. We all know that the entire basic component for life is DNA. DNA is a genetic material that helps to maintain integrity of any organism. Similar, when we talk about recombinant DNA technology, it is joining of two DNA molecules and thus inserting it in the host. Though this process sound easy to carry on but there are lots of other facts that when improperly done can result in unexpected product. Yes, this recombinant DNA technology is carried on to get the desired output and its almost applied in all the scientific fields like medicine, in animals, plants and many more.

DNA Assignment Help

Recently, we hear a lot of transgenic plants and animals but do we actually know what transgenic plant and animals mean. To make this clear, we can take an example of Goldfish, this fish is genetically modified either by inserting foreign DNA into its genome or by combining its DNA with DNA from other genome. Therefore, with difference in the actual color, the modified Goldfish can be easily recognized.

This is just a single example on application of recombinant DNA technology. There are many more of such examples that can be checked out to get the clear concept of this topic. Recombinant DNA technology is not just about cutting the DNA from one organism and then combining with the other, it has much more to do beyond this. While performing this technique many enzymes, vectors and plasmid are involved that helps foreign DNA to appropriately fit in the host organism. These plasmids and vectors are all the result of recombinant DNA technology.

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