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The Computer programs that make up the BMDP system provide flexible and convenient for data analysis, ranging from simple data display and description to advanced statistical techniques. BMDP runs on many different computer systems, from mainframes and minicomputers to PCs. Features include:

Helpful output: In addition to the numerical result of a computational problem, output includes descriptive information that helps you evaluate the results.

Clear, straightforward instructions: BMDP instructions are based on English for easy use. Because BMDP provides commonly used options automatically, a few lines of instructions can produce an extensive analysis.

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BMDP Assignment HelpInteractive or batch execution: When you invoke BMDP interactively, you can make a series of runs without exiting the program.

Data management features: Select a subset of cases and/or variables during run without permanently altering your data.

Help for data analysis problems: Automatic data screening features and optional diagnostics help you detect recording errors, outliers and other anomalies in your data.