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History is the subject of glory and the record of past events and activities. Thus, history can be defined as the study of past events regarding human affairs.

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History acts as the base for every upcoming generation. It provides a detail view to the students regarding every single mistakes that occurred in the past and hence the reason behind them. Thus, this prevents present generation from committing the same mistake again and again. Things can be performed in more accurate and beneficial way if one has good knowledge of history. Historical knowledge helps in decision making and yet affects the present and future of individual surviving on earth. It helps us to find solutions for our problems without applying the hit and trial method. History acts like a guide for assisting us in every single way and thus helping to progress towards development. Ideas and knowledge of history inspires us to implement new ideas and thus, carry the development made by legendry person further ahead. Therefore, history is an important subject for every individual and hence the nation for better functioning and to bring improvement in the system.

Students can have a good career in the subject related to research or government jobs. Besides, this student can help every individual and hence the country in indirect ways so, as to guide them in taking proper decision. To have accurate and hence effective knowledge of the past students need to give a lot of input. They need to remember all the events, the dates, names of places and people and so on and thus this is not an easy task. Therefore, students generally are busy struggling with the information and books making out correct sense from all the events. In such circumstances assignment pose a great problem to them. History assignment requires proper research and time; only then students can obtain a good grade. Due to their busy schedule, students are usually unable to complete their assignment on given period and hence they remain deprived of good marks.

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