Business to Business Marketing firms impacted due to COVID 19


Ethical concerns in your organization you choose.

Now or later.

Future Vision?

Think ahead.

End consumers are demanding

Needs customers have identified


How can you go head in future in the coming 2 to 5 years?

These are some of the main things which are not been considered in the paper which is submitted to me.

All these are clearly mentioned in the Rubric as well as the Assignment Paper i have sent and also in the mail.

Please consider these and make the necessary changes accordingly.

Your Question:
Business to Business Marketing firms impacted due to COVID 19

I need an Assignment on Business to Business Marketing firm or an organization which is affected by COVID 19
I mailed it

It is an assignment of a medical supply company to another company which is affected by COVID 19

It is 12 pages excluding title page, references and table of contents
2 spaced Times New Roman

they can select any medical supplies companies as it is more relevant to the COVID 19 scenario presently
Like the format in what way it is required is sent in the mail
It is there in the Rubric, Additional Information and in the second mail

Please make sure it is not there with any plagiarism and include all the references

pick a B2B organization, and research how it is been affected by the global pandemic. Interesting examples would be members of the airline industry or other transportation sector; educational supply companies; medical supply companies; information technology companies; etc. I'd like you to look at recent events from an environmental scan standpoint; consider whether service dominant logical applies; the effect on customer relationships; promotional activities, pricing, distribution, and partnerships. There may be elements of ethics to consider.

Once you've had a chance to look at how the business/industry has been effected, I'd like you to project forward 2 to 5 years, and offer your best personal future view of how you think the industry might change as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. My goal is to see you applied concepts from the text to an extraordinary current situation, and to give you an opportunity to practice your future vision.

I suspect many of you are following the news on the Covid-19 virus closely, so I hope this will provide you an opportunity to add to the value of that time.

I'm anticipating your paper will be in the neighbourhood of 10 -12 pages, give or take, NOT including the title page, table of contents or references.

Just so you don't feel overwhelmed, that's about a page per topic. Which, double spaced, is about 3 paragraphs. :-)

Your paper should follow proper APA formatting, (proper format; proper type face; proper spacing; proper referencing etc.) This includes formatting for the title page, all subsequent pages and the references pages.

I fully expect that much of your research is going to be based on recent business press on the impact COVID-19 is having on various industries, and in established research or industry background about your chosen industry. You should also refer to the text as an important reference source for key theories.

This is a paper that provides you with the opportunity to use your established knowledge in business and marketing and your critical thinking/decision making skills to look at a significant issue, consider the implications, and project into the future. Your choice of organization can be pretty much anywhere in the world, as this is indeed a global pandemic.

I am not looking for a paper that is "right" or "wrong", or one that has all of the answers. In fact, it is perfectly reasonable that you would raise questions, and then address your own questions with well considered possibilities. I am not, however, looking for an opinion piece. Your paper should be well supported.