BSBWOR502 Lead and Manage Team Effectiveness Task 2 Sample Assignment

Assessment Task 2- Project

Question 1

Prepare a briefing document that outlines your understanding of the team purpose, role, responsibilities and accountabilities in accordance with organisational goals, plans and objectives. This document should be appropriate to distribute to team members as a consultation process to establish a common understanding.

Document that need to be prepared and briefed such as organization operational plan, performance and development plan template which these resources are available on Moodle. Company policies and target such as financial, customer satisfaction, repeat business goals, business plan and objective to team. In order to plan for achieving targets or goals, team brain storming is required to identify to problems and finding solution to achieve goals then summarizing the plan to team in a common and easily understand. As a manager, manager shall work harder to find weakness point or strong point of each member and provide tools if they need to fulfill their abilities.

Question 2

Prepare a performance plan to establish the expected outcomes, outputs, key performance indicators (KPIs) and goals for the work team.

Providing overall team performance, target and plan to members and in each member shall have their progression plan

  • Goal- to ensure that members understand and be on the same page what does the team ultimately plans to achieve? And why are we focused here
  • Priority Level - How important is this particular category to the success of the team? How close is the team to successfully achieve this category?
  • Action Steps - what are all of the actions the team must take to achieve the goals?

List out each step in order

  • Potential Barriers- What are potential barriers the tam might face when working in this goals? Identify the most likely barriers as well as possible solutions
  • Key Resources needs to achieve goal- Identify the key resources needed to achieve the identified goal (e.g, technology, knowledge, employees in other functions)
  • Owner and participants- Identify the primary person responsible for achieving the goal and executing the action plan. Also identify other participants and their responsibilities for executing the action plan
  • Timeline- Identify timelines for completing the goal, final
  • Status output (complete, in progress, delay) - indicate the current status of the action plan

Question 3

Explain in a paragraph what strategies you will use to support team members in meeting expected performance outcomes. These strategies should address any formal and informal learning requirements.

1. Understanding the Team’s Goals, discuss the top three priorities of the team. Does everyone on the team agree on these? How would each member of the team describe the priorities and how the team is working to achieve them? Does the team have a clear plan for achieving its top three priorities? Does each individual member of the team know their specific role to help achieve the top priorities? Where is there disagreement or confusion? 

2. Working Together

  • How well are the responsibilities of each team member defined? How well are problem-solving and decision-making processes defined? Where is there lack of clarity about responsibilities and processes?
  • How effective is the team at managing conflict or disagreement? How is conflict typically resolved?
  • How well do team members support one another? Do group members proactively help one another? Do group members proactively reach out to one another to get their feedback?

3. Respect

  • Do team members treat one another with fairness and respect? How well does the team listen to ideas and opinions of others?
  • How do team members recognize one another for a job well done?

4. Communication

  • What communication barriers prevent the team from working well together?
  • Conversely, in what ways does the team communicate effectively?

5. Knowledge and Resources

  • Does the team have the resources needed to be successful? What additional support might help the team achieve its work goals?
  • Does the team as a whole have the right knowledge, skills, and experience to be successful? If the team identifies any gaps, how can it go about obtaining the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience? How can team members teach one another so all team members have the right knowledge, skills, and experience?

Question 4

In one paragraph outline the strategies you will use to ensure team members have an input into the planning, decision-making and operational aspects of their work.

Question 5

In one paragraph outline the strategies you will use to encourage team members to participate in and to take responsibility for team activities, including communication processes.

Question 6

Bizops currently has no policies or procedures that outline how the organisation supports or implements processes to develop and facilitate team cohesion, or to allow team members to take responsibility for their own work or assist others to perform required roles and responsibilities. Prepare a draft policy and set of procedures that would achieve this. It may be relevant to utilise information that has already been documented in completing tasks 1-5 above.

Question 7

Bizops currently has formal feedback process that is documented in the performance improvement and development plan template. Senior managers feel this form is not appropriate as a mechanism to provide feedback to team members that encourages, values and rewards individual and team efforts and contributions. Outline what leadership techniques and strategies you would use to provide feedback and encourages, values and reward members of your team.

Question 8

In one paragraph outline the process that you would use to ensure that issues, concerns and problems identified by team members are recognized and addressed.

Question 9.

Bizops expects its retail outlet managers to lead by example. In one paragraph explain how you will ensure you own contribution to the work team serves as a role model for others and enhances the organisation’s image for all stakeholders.

Question 10

Explain In one paragraph how you will facilitate communication processes with each of the stakeholder groups outlined in the current Bizops operational plan.

Question 11

In one paragraph outline how you will facilitate a two-way flow of information on team performance issues between your team and senior management