BSBWOR404 Assessment 2

BSBWOR404: Assessment 2

What you have to do

In this assessment you will complete a Skills Audit in Task 1 as indicated in the example below then use this to develop a training plan in Task 2. In Task 3 you are required to discuss how you will monitor your progress.

If you are currently working and have recently completed a skills audit and now have a current training plan, you can supply these as evidence of your competence. The skills audit must have taken place in the last 6 – 12 months.

Please note: You will need to write two pages for Task 1 and Task 2. In Task 3 you are required to write 1-2 pages.

Task 1 - Skills audit and evaluation for developing a training plan

Conduct a skills audit by listing all the skills you have gained through your work and life experiences. (You can narrow these down to a specific job or organisational situation with which you are currently involved.)

Next, think about how these skills apply to your job or to the organisation that you are involved with and evaluate which skills need developing and would benefit from training.

If you are not currently employed, consider a suitable position you would like to work in for example, Office Manager, then find a job advertisement for that position. Identify all the skills and knowledge required from the information in that advertisement and your understanding of this role. List them in the skills audit table below and then add your own personal skills and knowledge to the list. Rate each of your skills, knowledge and attributes.


The example below is an indication of the types of skills to include. Create a table like the one below with your information and submit it for marking. Be sure to indicate how you rate in each area, as shown in the example.

Example of Skills Audit:

Knowledge and skills

This is my strong point

I’m OK

I need to improve

Word processing


Using Excel to prepare spreadsheet



Time management



Conflict management



Communication skills (written, oral, interpersonal)


Decision making


Working in a team


Other knowledge and skills…

Examine your completed list and briefly discuss the skills you identified as requiring training. Why do you feel you need to improve in these areas?

Task 2 - Developing your training plan for the next 12 months

It is important for you to consider training and personal development that will bring the best results in achieving organisational goals as well as those that will achieve your personal goals.

By identifying the skills gaps you are able to put into place a plan for training or development of the gaps.

You are expected to examine your skills to find gaps that would be addressed through training. (If you cannot identify gaps with your current role then you should examine one that you would like to have in 3-5 years time then use the gaps to develop a plan for training that will assist you to secure that role).

If you are not currently employed in an appropriate business position, use the Skills audit you completed in Task 1 or another appropriate Skills audit.

Prepare a training plan like the example below by listing all the gaps you identified in the Skills audit and determine how you will achieve those skills and knowledge to assist you in performing your current job more efficiently or obtaining your dream job.

Explain the importance of a Skills Audit and Training Plan when considering personal training and development.  How do they contribute towards achieving your personal goals?

Example: Training and development plan for the next 12 months

Skills I need to learn/ improve

Learning activities


What I hope to achieve

Motivating my group

Enrol in Assignment ‘Promote team effectiveness’ Attend team meetings


Strategies for team building  Ideas and strategies for increasing team motivation  Innovative ideas from team members

Problem solving as a team

Using Excel to produce spreadsheets

Enrol in Excel Assignment at TAFE


To be able to create simple spreadsheets and enter formulas

Other skills….


Task 3 - Monitoring personal training and development progress

Discuss how you will monitor your training and development progress over the next 12 months. What tools will you use to ensure that you meet your plan?

Task 4 – Store and maintain records and documents relating to achievements and assessments in accordance with organisational requirements

Discuss why it is important for organisations to keep training documentation and where would these documents be kept in an organisation, also discuss the types of records/documents held and how you would maintain security of these files.


I have:

  • developed a training plan and completed the skills audit
  • developed a training plan for the next 12 months
  • discussed how to monitor training and development progress over the next 12 months and the tools used.
  • Discussed why it is important to maintain records and documents relating to achievements and training in an organisation.

If you are unable to complete these tasks for a specific reason, please contact your teacher to discuss alternative arrangements for demonstrating your skills and knowledge.