BSBSUS501C Develop Workplace Policy and Procedure for Sustainability Sample Assignment

Assessment description

Using the Sydney Opera House Environmental Sustainability Policy, and from information gathered from other sources, develop a 10–15 minute presentation to all employees of the Sydney Opera House outlining the updates that have been made to its Environmental Sustainability Policy. As part of this presentation, you must describe how the revised processes will be implemented and managed.


  1. Review the Sydney Opera House Environmental Sustainability Policy. To assist in your review, source additional information from the Sydney Opera House 2009 Annual Report. The links are proved below. Source the Policy Statement and Annual Report via a search engine if you are unable to access the links below.
    1. ‘Environmental Sustainability Policy’, Sydney Opera House, viewed June 2010, <
    2. ‘Sydney Opera House 2009 Annual Report’, Sydney Opera House, viewed June 2010, <
  2. Prepare a presentation that:
    1. identifies and describes how the Sydney Opera House is promoting its expected outcomes of the sustainability policy and who you believe are the key stakeholders for the policy and plan
    2. describes the environmental sustainability commitments being implemented and suggested timelines
    3. describes those involved in implementing  the policy, the outcomes expected, the activities to be undertaken and responsibilities assigned
    4. details procedures to communicate and implement the policy to all stakeholders involved 
    5. explains how the new sustainability initiatives have been embedded in the new or revised policy documents
    6. describes a number of new energy management systems implemented by the Sydney Opera House
    7. outlines the sustainability or environmental targets for use of resources within the organisation
    8. identifies potential shortfalls to the plan and implementation strategies for continuous improvements in resource efficiency
    9. describes individual and team responsibilities within the sustainability plan
    10. suggestions for assigning responsibility for tracking continuous improvements in the sustainability plan.
  3. Present the report, in a presentation format or style as agreed with your assessor.


You must provide:

  • a presentation that meets the objectives described in the procedures above.

Your assessor will be looking for:

  • evidence that you have reflected and summarised the information gathered from the Sydney Opera House Environmental Sustainability Policy and sourced additional information from the Sydney Opera House 2009 Annual Report. Further information is to be sourced from the Student Workbook.
  • evidence that you have developed your presentation in the agreed format or style.

Adjustment for distance-based learners

As per specifications outlined above, except that presentation may be:

  • Through a live video medium (such as a social networking site) to a virtual group meeting the criteria outlined above. This would need to be organised in advance with the assessor.
  • Through a video-recorded presentation to a group of local (to the candidate) business investors:
    • the video recording must include the presentation and the feedback sessions
    • the recording should be submitted in either DVD or uploaded to YouTube (or similar video-sharing site) and the link sent to the assessor. It is the responsibility of the learner to ensure that confidentiality agreements are not breeched, and that the file is available online for a period of at least two weeks to allow the assessor adequate time to review the presentation.