BSBMKG603B Manage The Marketing Process Sample Assignment

Staffing support plan

Assessment Task 2


To develop a plan for the coaching and mentoring of staff involved in the marketing activities, This task will be reported about our plan that we need to descriptions of how we intend to provide feedback and instigate corrective actions to staff who are working with us to fulfill marketing objectives.


Houzit is a home ware store is Brisbane. The marketing plan for Houzit was developed over 12 months ago and l am actively engaged in implementing the strategies to achieve the marketing objective. As I am a marketing manager in management team I will be a coach and mentor of Marie and Tony to correct their attitude, skill and knowledge levels that could help them to achieve the ambition.

Develop a staffing support plan for supporting

1. Strategies

There are many strategies for mentoring and coaching of staffs in order to support all staffs throughout marketing activities

  • Set meaningful goals

Set goals for the staff and define the results that need to be achieved and how the goals will be measured. That makes staff improve their performance and their skills

  • Motivate employee performance

Provide favorable and right job for the right man. Give time suitable for a job well done and challenge your staff and meet business needs at the same time.

  • Give performance feedback

Identify what observe, be specific, show sincerity, and communicate face-to-face for both positive and negative performance.

  • Provide training:

Give step-by-step instruction and development program that involves employee doing the skills or procedures.

  • Collaboration

Give them advice and help them when has problem or start to do new something and support them by supply the trainer to teach them

2. Resource

Resources that provide marketing outcomes are divided to two types as follows

  • Tangible Resource
    • Human Resource : Mentoring, staffs, accountant department, management team, Managers
    • Financial Resource : Budget, expense
    • Physical Resource : IT equipment, Individual report, marketing report, financial report
  • Intangible Resource
    • Attitude skill of staffs
    • Knowledge of staffs

3. Feedback

  • Be Very Specific

Feedback to employees should be clear, specific, and to the point. General comments like 'You have to do better than that' or 'I wasn’very impressed with those reports' or 'Your work needs to be improved” Mentor should tell them what aspect of their work needs to be corrected or how are their works good.

  • Be timely

Mentor must provide feedback and coaching to staff as soon as possible after an important observation. Delayed feedback loses its relevance and impact.

  • Make it one-on-one

Don’t criticize the employees in public. Feedback in positive like admiration can do in meeting but feedback in negative should not be done in meeting. So mentor should comment the staff one-on-one. Allowing the opportunity of feedback without a face-to-face meeting as it can make it easier for a person to say what they really think.

  • End on a Positive Note

Helping someone to improve should always be the goal of constructive criticism and going back over past mistakes in your closing comments will leave them with a negative impression of the meeting.

4. Performance

  • Document feedback for implement action: Develop a program to keep feedback record download if into system and Cc: (Carbon Copy) email to make it effectively
  • Feedback from store visiting : to see if the trainee performance has been improved staff have corrected their attitude, having more confidence, work ethic and knowledge
  • Weekly meeting: so we can evaluate performance by catching up some feedback, process, change for improvement toward time manner.
  • Ask them to present their ideas
  • Set smart goals and track their progress
  • Record their performance and let them evaluate

Scenario 1:  Marie

Coaching and mentoring for Marie should:

  • Coaching has to be building confidence and support her idea
  • Provide communication and behaviour motivation to Marie.
  • Personal development; Coach should encourage and support Marie to make her feel more comfortable.
  • Building relationship in the workplace; Let her to work close with staffs after having more confidence.
  • Support Marie to share her idea and give her positive feedback at the same time and point out her weakness for improvement process (Say to her politely otherwise she will lose confidence)
  • Coach will encourage her to visit store, get her to know outside environment about product and staff.
  • Suggest Marie to organise communication plan before action.

Scenario 2:  Tony

A. Background information / personal character of Tony :

Tony is a website designer. His personal characters are shown below:

  • He is not a keen learner of other forms of marketing except internet marketing.
  • He thinks his knowledge as his own intellectual
  • He is never keen to share his knowledge with anyone.
  • His teaching method is full of jargon and he share knowledge at speed
  • His ideas are unethical under the company’s ethical standard
  • He is less keen to participate when getting rejection of his ideas

B. Recommend corrective actions

  • Training should be covered teamwork skill.
  • Focus tony performance; collaboratively set goals with action plans that define the key steps for achieving, the goals.
  • Organise meeting and analyse the feedback from other staff about Tony work.
  • Provide Tony join training and development program to improve his attitudes and his communication
  • Coach him to learn the benefit teamwork that will be more effective to achieve goal quicker by giving him examples.
  • Explain and make his awareness about the company’s ethical standard
  • Appoint Tony to be trainer with someone in order to practice his teaching.
  • Often assign Tony to participate in teamwork of any projects