BSBMGT502 Case Assignment Project and Observation Sample Assignment



SCENARIO: I am the Hardware and Home wares Manager at the Australian Hardware Wollongong store. One of my customer service and sales representatives is taking a year’s absence. A garden products employee, Kim Smith, has been seconded to me after expressing an interest in the temporary hardware and home products position to her manager.

Appendix 1: Employee Position Description

Position Description

Job title:

Customer Service Representative


20th Aug, 2019

Job level:


Reports to:

Manager Homewares


Hardware and Home products

Summary of position

Provide expert advice to customers on hardware and home wares products, process sales and refer sales to checkout staff.

Essential job requirements

● Determine customer needs.

● Provide expert advice to customers.

● Take and process orders.

Required competence/education

What are the minimum competence/educational requirements for this position?



Product knowledge

Ability to describe the use of each product; (on rare occasions, where necessary) able to refer to others on team with more expert knowledge and with minimal inconvenience to customer.

Customer focus

Can develop rapport; inspire confidence; Up-sell and cross-sell when appropriate to meet customer’s needs.

Point-of-sale technology

Able to complete and process orders within two minutes.

Learning and development

Expected to take a self-directed and continuous approach to learning on- and off-the-job in consultation with management

Health, safety, security and environment

Can follow relevant policies and procedures for WHS, recordkeeping and financial procedures, sustainability policies and procedures.

Physical requirements

Must be able to stand for four-hour shifts; minimal lifting: 20 kg.

Mental requirements


Equipment used

Computer/point-of-sale terminal, telephone, forklift, fax machine, power tools.

Supervisory responsibilities


Working conditions

● Indoor warehouse environment.

● Occasional outdoor work.

Signature: Gagandeep Singh (GEN0412)

Date: 22th August, 2019

Appendix 2: Employee Work Plan






Expected revenue of $10000 is supposed to be generated by sales representative in Hardware and Home ware division but for fresher 20% off target should be achieved during one performance appraisal period.

1. Operating Cash Flow: OCF shows the total amount of money generated by an Employee’s daily business operations.

Accounts & Finance Department

2. Monthly Sales Reports

Sales department for sales record

3. Audited Financial Reports issued by Finance Department

Senior managers from both departments

Internal Process

Create new ways to handle objections

Lead-to-Opportunity Ratio

Sales Supervisor whether specially appointed.

Acquiring vast product knowledge to handle sales queries regarding the products

Activity Goals vs. Activity Results by Follow-Up Contact Rate

Determine your company's goals and Start with the knowledge which you gained from previous experience.

Number of New Opportunities Opened by employee by efforts of existing knowledge and skills

Hardware and Home ware Manager (Australian Hardware Wollongong store)

Assess the market potential.

Profit Margin per Sales Rep: I

Customer Focus

1. Customer Satisfaction: Diligent and friendly service that leaves the customer feeling satisfied.

Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Measuring

Customer Relationship Manager (Australian Hardware Wollongong store)

2. Solve Customer Problems: A customer service goal should be to address and solve problems in a way that is a win-win situation for the customer and the company.

Net Promoter Score (NPS): The NPS measures how likely your customers are to refer you to someone else.

3 . Going above and beyond the norm to make the customer so happy that he'll tell everyone about it.

First Response Time: Time taken for Replying to customer queries


To participate in training session arranged by the company

Onboarding – Time to Full Productivity: A smooth onboarding process will enable new employees to reach full productivity in their roles faster.

Training and Development Department

Excellent Grasp of Core Values of the Business or Product

Skilled Communication

Effective Listening Skills

Overall utilization rates

Human Resource department

Precise Time Management Skills

Pass/Fail rates and average scores for quizzes and tests:

Signature :

Gagandeep Singh

Date :


Appendix – 3: Risk Management template


Risk likelihood

Risk impact





HR Risk

High Possibility of hiring a less skilled Employee.

If a wrong Employee is hired than it will affect the performance and productivity of company and this will create cultural imbalance in company.

2. Non Compliance with Employment Laws

1. Build a recruitment program to hire the right people at the right time for the right roles.

2. Develop efficient processes for onboarding talent to ensure new starters become productive quickly

3. Ensure complete compliance with employment laws

1. Reference Checks of Employee at time of Hiring

2. Day-to-day employer/employee interaction

3. Employee feedback from managers

1. During selection Process

2. Take feedback when needed

Human Resource Manager

Financial Risk

High Risk of Financial Loss to company in form of salary, expenditure on individual employee.

The average cost for each bad hire can equal 30 percent of that individual's annual earnings. Thus there is possibility of increase in company cost.

1. Formulate strategies to manage the risks.

2. Implement the planned strategies.

3. Track, measure, and refine

4. Communicate and report results of the process

1. Take a close look at financials and each of your business operations

2. Analyze risks to assess their impacts

3. Develop and review financial risk management plan

At Time of financial allocation for various activities when needed

Finance Manager

Training & Development Risks

High risk of poor knowledge retention, passive learning &lack of commitment for training and development.

1. Unhappy Employees and High Turnover

2. Low Rates of Production

3. Loss of Customers

1. Create A Plan. Before you can make an employee training program, you must first determine what you want employees to learn.

2. Host Regular Training Sessions. There should be regular training sessions for employees.

3. Use Employees As Trainers.

4. Cross Train Workers.

5. Set Training Goals

1. Find appropriate training needs of employees.

2. Analyze the outcomes of employees after training.

3. Take a feedback survey from the employees regarding the training session.

Timeframe for evaluating and managing risk associated with training session is before and after the training session within one week.

Training & Development Manager

Operational Risk

High Impact on the daily routine operations of the company.

Hiring a right candidate for a particular profile is very important because otherwise they may not be able to do the job that you’re hiring them for. Bad hires can drive the best team members away, and can also lower the team standards. All this negatively impacts the quality works assigned.

Step One – Task segregation.

Step Two – Curtailing complexities in business processes.

Step Three – The right people for the right job.

1. Periodic risk assessment.

2. Reinforcing organizational ethics.

3. Monitoring and evaluations at regular intervals.

4. Look back and learn.

This could be done before starting of any operational activity.

Operational Manager

Sales Risk

High Risk related to sales performance

This will impact the overall sales and there will be decrease in revenue generation of the company due to poor sale of products.

1. Define a Team Goal

2. Develop a concrete definition of a lead and make sure all employees understand it.

3. Install an effective customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

4. Track the source and

Distribute leads quickly.

5. Excite sales staff about each prospect.

Broadcast Real Time Sales Activity Everywhere, All the Time.

Set Activity Goals & Track Progress to Them.

Use Data to Determine Ideal Activity Targets.

Don't Over Optimize on the Wrong Activity.

Review Rep Activity at a Weekly Team Meeting.

Regular check of sales performance reports

1. Sales manager

2. Hardware & Home ware Manager

Role Plays

Role Play 1. A consultation with the Garden Products Manager

HM: Good afternoon sir, do you have some time?

GPM: Yes sir of Assignment, what do you need?

HM: I want to discuss some things about Kim.

GPM: About Kim in my department?

HM: Yes, Apparently, Kim has given the interest in the job position hardware and home products recently, and here I want to ask you about her. What do you think about her? Maybe you can tell me about her performances? Or some things related to the work.

GPM: Alright sir, according to me she is a fast learner, she has a quite talent on customer services, she adapts the environment quickly

HM: So, do you think it’s a good decision to move Kim for the new position?

GPM : Yes, because her performance is good. You don’t need to worry about that. I believe that she can do the best for the new position and can adapt easily.

HM : Okay, thank you so much for the time, Sir. I will contact you as soon as possible to inform you about this.

GPM : No problem, Sir.

HM : Good afternoon, Sir.

GPM : Good afternoon

Role Play 2. A meeting to set performance expectations with the seconded employee

HM: Are you Kim?

Kim: Yes I am sir.

HM: Please come to my room after the break, I need something to talk

Kim: Sure sir.

(After Break)

Kim: (Knocking the door and entering the room) Excuse me sir, I have come as you ordered me

HM: Come in (shout), so Kim. Here I want to discuss about the new position you are interested about. Since I already discussed your interest in the new position with your manager. I want to ask you one more time. Are you ready for the new position and all the procedures?

Kim: Oh alright sir, Yes! I’m ready for the new position sir!

HM: Okay, I want to inform you that you are accepted in the new position in this department.

Kim: Thank you so much, Sir! I do really happy for that. I promise that I will do the best for it.

HM: I trust you for this new position. Here is the brief explanation about your new job details. You have to:

• Determine customer needs.

• Provide expert advice to customers.

• Take and process orders.

Kim: Yes, Sir. I can do that.

HM: Here you can read the term and condition. Are there any questions from the work plan or something that you are not agree with?

Kim : No, Sir. I’m fully agreed with that.

HM: Great! Welcome to the new department, Kim! I hope we can work as a good team with you.

Kim: Thank you very much, Sir. I hope so.

HM: If you want to ask anything, just contact me. I think that’s all. Have a good day.

Kim: Yes thank you so much sir!

Agreed Work Plan

Company Name:

Australian Hardware Wollongong store

Name of The Employee: Kim

Position Title:

Customer Service Representative

Report To: Hardware and Home ware Manager


· Present, promote and sell products/services using solid arguments to existing and prospective customers

· Perform cost-benefit and needs analysis of existing/potential customers to meet their needs

· Establish, develop and maintain positive business and customer relationships

· Reach out to customer leads through cold calling

· Expedite the resolution of customer problems and complaints to maximize satisfaction

· Achieve agreed upon sales targets and outcomes within schedule

· Coordinate sales effort with team members and other departments

· Analyze the territory/market’s potential, track sales and status reports

· Supply management with reports on customer needs, problems, interests, competitive activities, and potential for new products and services.

· Keep abreast of best practices and promotional trends

· Continuously improve through feedback



The key objective for this position is to achieve the revenue targets of $10000 per month. The set targets may be achieved by individual customer or product group if they wish to focus resources on particular areas of the business. You may try to conclude deals that are already under negotiation or they may identify new sales opportunities with existing customers or new prospects.


In negotiating with customers, you aim to achieve the best margins on sales. While they may start negotiations by offering customers products at list price, you may have to offer discounts to secure the sale. However, Your overall objective must be to maintain profit margins on sales.

Key Accountabilities

· Lead, manage, direct and support the sales team to ensure that high standards of products is delivered along with efficient and effective customer care in line with policies and procedures

· Maintain practice within framework established by legislation, national and state policy

· Understand, comply with and adhere to Australian Hardware Wollongong store, Fair Work Commission policies and work practices.

· Ensure compliance with the National Standards and achievement of accreditation.

· Establish and maintain effective relationships customers including management and stakeholders.

· Communicate with all team members every working day to achieve the vision and mission and strategic goals of the organization.

· Support a culture of performance improvement and evaluation.


· Act in accordance with the Fair work commission Acts.

· Contribute to workplace safety and reduction of workplace injuries.

· Ensure team members, clients, and visitors are safe and accurately report any incidents, hazards and near misses in a timely and professional manner.

· Respond, relay and demonstrate information regarding emergency codes and support team members to respond appropriately to codes in the event of fire or another emergency.

· Responsible for the safe management of equipment – this includes using equipment within standard operating guidelines, conducting appropriate preventative maintenance and not using unsafe equipment.

Performance Criteria

· As per Australian Hardware Wollongong store Management System.

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to utilize a range of software applications.

· Effective prioritization of projects and meeting of timelines.

· All team members are accountable for Key Result Areas to assist the organization to meet their strategic goals and intent. Team members will be required to work with all stakeholders and each other to support the community to receive services that are innovative, excellent and of a high quality.

· All tasks are undertaken in a proficient and timely manner including demonstrated use of initiative in undertaking designated tasks.

· Working knowledge of positions within the section overall are developed to provide support and assistance

Hardware & Home Ware Manager Signature: Gagandip Singh

Date : 22-08-2019

Employee Signature : Kim

Date: 22-08-2019


Task 2: Amended performance Management system Documentation:

Performance Management System:

Performance management system is the systematic approach to measure the performance of employees. It is a process through which the organization aligns their mission, goals and objectives with available resources (e.g. Manpower, material etc.), systems and set the priorities. The competency, skills and knowledge gaps are also identified through this process which can be improved by providing guidance, trainings, coaching and mentoring to employees or teams at different levels and designations. It optimizes the results through a roper channel and process which reduces the conflicts and grievances among teams or employees. Because each individual is clear about the expectations from his/ her role and put their efforts to meet performance standards.

Purpose of Performance Management System:

Managing employee’s performance is the key objective of establishing systematic Performance Management system in organization. These process servers’ six main purposes in the company:

1. Strategic: Performance managed system is a tool which should be align with overall organization goal followed through department goal and individual goals. In other words, the organizational strategic goals should be linked with each activity performed by every department or employee.

2. Administrative: Performance management system is also set the deciding factor of employee’s promotion, demotion, salary increment, transfer and terminations. It enables to identify the performers, non-performers or under performer employees in an organization. It merits the competency and skill level of employees. Hence, it clearly defines the administrative role as well and supports the management decisions.

3. Communication: It is the effective communication channel to inform employees about their goals, job responsibilities, key deliverables and performance standards. Further, it is also a structure method to indicate the key areas of improvement required by the employee in order to improvise his performance. In other words, it provides the platform to learn and train on skills, and knowledge for better performance and results.

4. Developmental: It is the structure method of communicating the positive feedbacks, improvement areas, and development plans. The manager can use various methods like training, mentoring, coaching etc. and them their team members to perform better.

5. Organizational Maintenance : Performance management system is the yardstick of measuring employee, department and organization achievements and evaluating the performance gaps through various tools and techniques. Hence, it maintains the health of the organization and its performance standards.

6. Documentation: The performance management reviews, feedback and forms should be documented and maintained periodically by every organization. It would enable them to look forward, set new targets, design developmental needs, design training and learning programs, and career progression of employee and for department. Hence, it helps in driving the organizational needs to desirable objectives.

Scope of Performance Management System:

Performance management is not a sporadic event but a strategic set of management policies and concrete actions. It is a systematic process resulting in constantly improving organizational effectiveness. It contributes to the effective management of individuals and teams in order to achieve high levels of organizational performance. Performance management establishes shared understanding about what is to be achieved and what approach is to be used to integrate and combine different policies and management systems in the organization so as to achieve the strategic goals. The approaches to completing this process cannot be copied; they are specific and depend on the context of the internal and external environment in which the company operates. Performance management is a management practice which includes the following phases:

· Planning work (setting goals, expectations and performance standards)

· Monitoring performance and providing feedback

· Developing the capacity to perform successfully

  • Rating performance regularly

· Rewarding and encouraging good performance

Role & Responsibilities of Manager:

Primary Objectives of the Manager:

· Health and safety of the workforce.

· Carrying out and attaining the mission and the goals of the business unit managed.

· Development of a superior workforce.

· Development of the department.

· Development of an employee-oriented company culture that emphasizes quality, continuous improvement, key employee retention and development, and high performance.

· Personal ongoing self-development and personal growth as an employee.

Primary Responsibilities of a Manager

· Perform Human Resources Management

  • Plan staffing levels

· Work with Human Resources staff to recruit, interview, select, hire, and employ an appropriate number of employees.

· Provide oversight and direction to the employees in the operating unit in accordance with the organization's policies and procedures.

· Coach, mentor, and develop staff, including overseeing new employee onboarding and providing career development planning and opportunities.

· Empower employees to take responsibility for their jobs and goals. Delegate responsibility and expect accountability and regular feedback.

· Foster a spirit of teamwork and unity among department members that allows for disagreement over ideas, conflict and expeditious conflict resolution, and the appreciation of diversity as well as cohesiveness, support, and working effectively together to enable each employee and the department to succeed.

· Consciously create a workplace culture that is consistent with the overall organizations and that emphasizes the identified mission, vision, guiding principles, and values of the organization.

· Lead employees using a performance management and development process that provides an overall context and framework to encourage employee contribution and includes goal setting, feedback, and performance development planning.

· Lead employees to meet the organization's expectations for productivity, quality, continuous improvement, and goal accomplishment.

· Provide effective performance feedback through employee recognition, rewards, and disciplinary action, with the assistance of Human Resources, when necessary.

· Maintain employee work schedules including assignments, job rotation, training, vacations and paid time off, telecommuting, cover for absenteeism, and overtime scheduling.

· Maintain transparent communication. Appropriately communicate organization information through department meetings, one-on-one meetings, and appropriate email, IM (Instant Messaging), and regular interpersonal communication.

Role & Responsibilities of Employee:

Complying With an Employee Role Definition: Employee roles depend on the scope of the job as defined by the employer's manual and training and as they are explained when the employee accepts the position. It is the job responsibility of human resources personnel to provide all relevant information about the requirements of a position during a new employee's onboarding process. It is the employee's responsibility to listen and to read and absorb this information to prepare for employment with the company.

Employee Safety Responsibilities: It is the employer's responsibility to provide a safe workplace, but it is the duty of each employee to listen and to read and understand the information provided about how to work safely and comply with company and federal safety requirements. Some of these safety requirements are based on rules and regulations coming from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, which crafts safety rules that are industry specific as well as those that are applicable to all sectors.

Moral and Professional Responsibilities: The actions of an employee reflect on that employee's company, so employees are responsible for behaving in ways that are beneficial to the companies that employ them and, at the very least, they should not do any unnecessary damage to their employer's reputation.

Performance review guidelines:

The employee’s performance is monitored and evaluated oft throughout the year. The performance review encompasses three elements:

· As per Australian Hardware Wollongong store Management System.

· Excellent written and verbal communication skills and the ability to utilize a range of software applications.

· Effective prioritization of projects and meeting of timelines.

· All team members are accountable for Key Result Areas to assist the organization to meet their strategic goals and intent. Team members will be required to work with all stakeholders and each other to support the community to receive services that are innovative, excellent and of a high quality.

· Associate annual formal review discussion

· A six-month follow-up discussion

· All tasks are undertaken in a proficient and timely manner including demonstrated use of initiative in undertaking designated tasks.

· Working knowledge of positions within the section overall are developed to provide support and

· Continuous observance of the employee’s performance.

· These elements feature among the subsequent technique.

Training Session:

Introduction to the most options of the performance management system

Goal Setting:

a) Organizational Goals: Organizational goals are strategically set objectives that outline expected results and guide employees' efforts. 3 types of organizational goals are strategic, tactical, and operational goals. Purposes of organizational goals are to provide direction to employees of the organization.

b) Employee Goals: Employee goals are target results for an employee's performance. These are typically derived from the current business goals, strategy and objectives of your organization. Setting and achieving goals keeps employees looking forward to new accomplishments and rewards, pushing their performance to ever-increasing heights. The best goals include each of four vital components; great employee goals are specific, time-bound, measurable and reasonably attainable.

c) Financial Goals: It is natural for geographic point goals to include those related to finances. Whereas creating short- and long-term cash goals, it's important to let workers comprehend the vision and build ways in which during which for each staff person to participate.

Performance Measuring Process:

Step 1: Select

Step 2: Collect

Step 3: Store

· Deciding what specific results should be measured

· Designing measures that give the best evidence of those results

· Defining the measures to specify the operational details of how to bring them

· Defining the data requirements for a collection of performance measures you want to report

· Designing, improving and implementing data collection systems to optimize data availability and integrity

· Using a data referencing model to make data management cost effective & enable cross-functional use of data

· Extracting, integrating and preparing data for analysis

Step 4: Analyze

Step 5: Present

Step 6: Interpret & Apply

· Choosing analysis techniques that produce performance information that answers driving business questions

· Applying analysis procedures to raw performance data

· Designing graphs that facilitate interpretation and decision making

· Designing and developing performance reports or dashboards for the owners and audiences of performance measures

· Designing and implementing performance reporting processes

· Defining guidelines that signal which differences in performance results are real and which are just natural random variation

· designing decision making processes which make effective use of performance measures

· identifying the root causes of performance results (getting deeper than the symptoms)

· setting performance targets that encourage sustainable improvement

Formal & Informal Feedback:

Feedback is typically positive or constructive.

Give regeneration to acknowledge and reinforce actions or behaviors you price and need to continue.

Provide constructive feedback to identify actions or behaviors that weren’t effective and provide alternatives or suggestions for improvement for the subsequent time the case arises.

Offering steering on improvement is critical; whereas not it, the persons UN agency is visiting be unsure on the thanks to avoid the identical or similar issues among the long run.

Charting Progress :

Performance appraisals are typically accustomed chart progress. Examination performance appraisals from one benchmark quantity to a special offers every the company and thus the employee with measurable marks of improvement, lack of improvement or regression in job performance areas. This information is valuable for human resources. Payment can increase, demotions, promotions and terminations are all parts which can be tied to the progress reflected in performance appraisal information.


· Employee certification certificates and licenses - copies of permits, registrations and licenses workers should do their jobs

· Employee resumes and job applications

· Performance reviews - similarly as assessments of staff performance and agreements between you and your staff

· Position statements and job advertisements

· Shopper records - personal details, merchandise purchased and merchandise enquiries that are useful for locating new customers

· Shopper complaints - details of complaints relating to merchandise, service, staff or the remainder, and steps taken to resolve them

· Details of any disputes with various businesses - similarly as but you went relating to resolution disputes

· Quotes given and won - specifics of jobs and time spent on them to help with future quoting

· Details of advertising campaigns and success - to form it easier to repeat advertisements and prepare future advertising campaigns

· Insurance policies - typically review and update your business insurance, significantly once your business grows or changes.

Amendments I have got created to this system

Queries on the amendments I have got created

· The aims of the policy additional with the complaints from the employee that are:

· Apparent management commitment to work and advancement

· Correcting performance weakness

· Keep doing self-development

· Encourage employee further

· Supply rewards and recognition to employee.

· The roles and responsibilities half, within the manager aspect I additional this points:

· Supply reward to best employee

· Supply work to develop their skills

· Supply constructive feedback

· What do you hope to achieve?

· I hope the performance of employee are visiting be higher and thus the goals are typically achieved.

· What problems can it address?

· The worker performance has usually fallen behind targets.

· However your amended system is intended to attain that purpose?

· I will elicit employee’s feedback to form the system be additional acceptable and work with efficiency.

Training Session Role Play:

Homewares Manager: Good afternoon everyone.

Audience: Good afternoon, Sir.

Homewares Manager: First of all, I want to say thank you for coming. I believe some of you have known what is the purpose I want all of you to come here? But some of you may not know about it, so let me get straight. As we can see that employee’s recent performance has generally fallen quite serious. So, after several times I have been thinking about it, I’ve decided to make some amendment regarding our performance management system.

Audience: Is that really a serious matter sir?

Homewares Manager: Of Assignment it is, the basic of a company is coming from the employee. When the employees have the low motivation, it means the company failed as the company.

Audience: So what is the amendment about?

Homewares Manager: There are some kinds of things; I would like to say the outline.

There will be a correcting performance weakness, doing self-development, encouraging employee, giving rewards and recognition to employee, these are like the programs of development or you can say it as training, and here are the benefits of the programs:

The best employee will get the reward or bonuses, the employees will get training to develop their skills, and the employees will have the feedback vice versa from the trainers.

Audiences: That is great sir. We hope that it will happen in short time and we want much training, so we can develop our-self farther.

Homewares Manager: For now, I will try to give the ones who need it more training and self-development, of Assignment, the others will be followed as the term and conditions I have planned, I will give you the detailed by the end of this week as soon as it is completed. I guess that is what I need to say to you all, if you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your attention and have a nice day everyone.

Audiences: Thank you sir!


Appendix 1: Performance Scorecard Kim Smith






$8,000 sales revenue per month

$5,000 average over six months

This low target was set for an initial period of six months. You would expect an employee to reach a target of $10,000 at this stage.

Customer Focus

8/10 score on customer focus

5/10 score

The employee is personable and tries hard to develop a rapport with customers. Customers and staff respond well to the employee. However, staff cannot rely on the employee to support them and they are constantly being asked for product information that the employee should know already. Customers are initially attracted to the employee’s friendly manner but are quickly turned off by her unserious attitude. Customers do not have confidence in this employee’s ability to help them choose a product that will meet their needs. Customers who do stick with the employee must then wait longer to complete their purchases.

Internal Process Efficiency

Two minutes to complete sales transaction

Average five minutes

The employee has never mastered the point-of-sale system; consequently they make errors that need to be corrected before completing transactions.

Learning and development

20–30 training hours

Seven training hours

The employee, while expressing initial enthusiasm for the role, has not made any sustained effort to learn the basic skills and knowledge necessary to reach targets, although the employee attended a one-day rapport-building workshop. The employee appears to feel that they will learn by casual experience without any effort or that they can constantly rely on others to help.

Appendix 2: Coaching Plan template

Coaching phase


Goal and performance expectations

The objectives and execution are still a long way from the desire. The objectives haven't been accomplished. To improve the execution, Kim expected to go to preparing and advancement.

Reality of actual performance


Target: $8,000 sales revenue each month

Actuality: $5,000 average in a half year

Customer focus:

Target: 8/10 score on customer satisfaction

Actuality: 5/10 score

Internal process:

Target: Two minutes to complete sales transaction

Actuality: Average five minutes

Learning and development:

Target: 20–30 training hours

Actuality: 7 training hours

Opportunities to develop

Employee has to learn seriously because they take it in casual way which is harmful to them and to the organization. Employee had to use full efforts.

Willingness to develop and commitment

Sometimes employee shows his full willingness and does commitment that he/she will do it but due to lack of efforts he/she didn’t fulfil his commitment.

Appendix 3: Performance Development plan

Name and position: Kim Smith, Customer Service Representative

Manager: Hardware and Homewares Manager

Review period: After Six Months of working

Reference from operational plan

Key result area

Indicator of success/ performance

Status report/results

Financial target

Generation of Sales revenue

When she achieved approx. $7000 and target is $8000. But current performance is $5000

She only achieved $5,000 average over

The period of Six months. It’s still under average sales performance of sales representative.

Customer focus

Effective customer service

When Kim can explain the products detail and information to customers

Actually, she has a good customer service, but she can explain what the customers needed. Where she supposed to know the information asked by the customers.


To let the employees learn and develop themselves.

When they do work with full efforts and no mistake will be there.

The training could help to achieve the individual as well as organizational goals

Company’s goals

Efficiency in the internal operations of the company

When Kim can master the point of sale system and not make an error when there’s a transaction.

Kim has never mastered the point-of-sale system; consequently, she makes errors that need to be corrected before completing transactions.


The employee is personable and tries hard to develop a rapport with customers. Customers and staff respond well to the employee.

Areas of Opportunity:

Kim can make herself well-prepared; in fact that the Manager has set a budget limit for 30 hours of offers preparing for Kim on the off chance that she is eager to be prepared.

Next Performance Review Period: At the End of next month

Manager’s comments:

I want you to get the training which can develop and train yourself to be better from now Kim.

Signature: Homewares Manager Date: 22-08-2019

Staff Member’s Comments:

Signature: Date:

Task 3: Role Play with Employee

(Over phone)

HM: Hello Kim, please come to my room now.

Kim: Alright sir, in 5 minutes.

(coming to the room)

Kim: Excuse me sir, I’m here.

HM: Okay Kim, I need something to talk about you. Let’s get it straight. Today we will discuss about your performance in the initial six-month period. To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed about your performance that the fact it is not more than satisfied, but I still hope you will be able to get yours to focus on areas you need to develop in. Then I decided to help you out by improve your performance to meet the expectations for the role.

Kim: I’m sorry sir I have realized it even before you are calling me to this room. But how will you help me?

HM: Okay listen to me. I have the budget for 30 hours of sales training for you if you are willing to be trained, I need you to follow the way and keep training and developing yourself in this progress, I believe it eventually will has the good result on it.

Kim: Yes sir, I’m going to follow the way you are asking to me and do my best sir!

HM: Great! I guess I will give you the detail after the break, now you can go back to work. Have a good day and good luck!

Kim: Yes sir, thank you so much for helping me


Question 1: Monitoring and coaching

Consider the following scenario.

You are the Hardware and Homewares Manager at the Australian Hardware Wollongong store. You consider the organization’s performance management policy and resolve to undertake some research into ways to improve the system or its implementation.

  • How could variables such as recognition and continuous feedback help reinforce excellence in performance? Give two examples that could work at Australian Hardware to affect performance.

Answer: Variables such as recognition and continuous feedback can help reinforce performance because this kind of action provide employees with more knowledge about their feedback, while the recognition can provide employees with more motivation to keep going with their work. Feedback is very important in the performance because with the help of the feedback we are able to understand the current performance of the employee so that if he/she is doing according to the set performance if any deviation is there so correct it on the spot. Feedback from both sides helps the both in doing the work.

In Australian hardware feedback helps too much because we are revising the performance of Kim after 6 months if we do it on regular basis then it will good to the organization because then we will give instructions to the Kim according to it but right now her performance become too low so now Kim have to use their full efforts and takes time also which is not good to the organization.

  • How would you apply Australian Hardware procedures to monitor and coach individuals, specifically those with poor performance?

Answer: In Australian hardware after training of the employee we will monitor until they do work with no mistakes and giving him support and help on every step to the employee. Coaching every individual those who have poor performance we will give training to them according to their last performance if it is too bad then we will start from beginning to train them according to their role.

Question 2: The legal context of performance management

Consider the following scenario.

You are the Hardware and Homewares Manager at the Australian Hardware Wollongong store. You are concerned about your application of performance management and want to work according to legal requirements.

For three of the following areas, what are the relevant pieces of legislation applicable to performance management at Australian Hardware?

  • Equal employment opportunity
  • Anti-discrimination
  • Competition and consumer protection
  • Privacy
  • Industrial relations
  • Health and safety (OHS/WHS)
  • Environmental issues.


In Australian hardware there are properly legislation are followed

Equal employment opportunity is given to the every candidate no one is discriminated on the basis of religion, caste, gender, etc.

They take care of environmental issues the working environment of the organization is peaceful and too good for every one employees do their work with full dedication and they help each other also.

Health and safety is also priority for us because healthy employees do work in full efforts and full efficiency so we are fully focused for the health of the employees.

  • For each piece of legislation identified above, identify at least one requirement relevant to performance management at Australian Hardware.

An environmental issue in Australian hardware means the working condition in the company is good so that is helps to employees to achieve the target. Performance development is also done by the doing changes in the working condition sometimes due to bad working conditions the employees are unable to achieve the target. That’s why environment of the organization plays a very important role in performance management.

Question 3: Seeking advice

Consider the following scenario.

You are the Hardware and Homewares Manager at the Australian Hardware Wollongong store. One of your customer service and sales representatives, Kim Smith, is consistently not meeting performance expectations. You have tried setting goals in consultation with the employee, ongoing coaching and feedback. You have conducted two formal performance reviews. You are not sure what else you can do.

  • Name any positions of an internal source you could approach for HR or performance management advice.

Kim is not meeting with her targets so she should be demoting the Kim after a discussion with HR so that she will be trained from beginning. So it will help Kim to start from new.

  • Name one external source (individual professional, consultancy or government) of HR or performance management advice, particularly for managing poor performance.

An expert or any mentor from outside the business which will be with Kim for next one month and he/she will give advice to the Kim on every step and make her efforts for effective.

Question 4: Counseling and support

Consider the following scenario.

You are the Hardware and Homewares Manager at the Australian Hardware Wollongong store. One of your customer service and sales representatives, Kim Smith, is consistently not meeting performance expectations. You have decided to counsel the employee to alert her of poor performance in a formal way and to inform her that dismissal may be an option for the future if her performance does not improve.

  • What steps would you take to counsel the employee in accordance with organizational policy and relevant legislation for disciplinary meetings?

Employees who are not achieve their targets so we have to counsel our employees. Firstly we have to talk with the poor performer individually so then we will try to solve their issues if anything is related to the law then the organization have to follow the legislation so that the organization will help them and try to sort out the issues.

  • What legislation is the most relevant in this scenario?

The relevant legislation is only giving the training to the poor performer because we can’t terminate them or before termination the organization has to give a notice so that the training is relevant.

  • What is the relevant award for the employee’s role at Australian Hardware?

They are awarded regularly according to their performance on regular basis.

  • What support services could you offer the employee?

We will start a new department for the employees for their training and it will keep their eyes on the poor performer and any type of issue employees can share with the department.

Question 5: Dismissal

Consider the following scenario.

You are the Hardware and Homewares Manager at the Australian Hardware Wollongong store. One of your customer service and sales representatives, Kim Smith, is consistently not meeting performance expectations. You have decided to terminate her.

  • What is the process of termination in accordance with organizational policy and legal requirements? Summarize the details.

As we know that Kim is not meeting with her targets from last 6 months now we are going to terminate her and the procedure of the termination is:

Firstly we have to give a notice to the employee of 10 days if she start performing good then termination can be cancelled otherwise she is terminated due to simultaneous bad performance after the training and lectures also. So only a notice is sufficient for the termination of any employee.

  • What are the relevant unlawful dismissal rules and due process that you must follow?

The unlawful rules of dismissal is the when the organization terminates the any employee with giving a notice to them or sudden termination of the employee. And this is must be adopt by our business also because due to employees like Kim who performing bad from last 6 months so it is necessary to terminate them on the spot.


In this assignment of Australian hardware we know how the organization tries to make their employees skilled and efficient like Kim the poor performer in the business so business try to give her all the types of support but at last when she is not performing the work even after training. So the organization follows a lawful step for the termination if it is continued then organization should adopt unlawful termination. The organization always tried that his employees should work properly. But sometimes employees didn’t do their work with full efforts so it becomes harmful to the company.