BSBLDR502 Task 2 Sample Assignment

Question 1

Describe at least two pieces of JKL Industries’ policy and procedure that conflict with the team’s behavior towards the employee.

1. Codes of ethics

Employees and officers of JKL Industries are expected to:

  • respect and support the core values of the organisation:
    • performance excellence
    • value for investors, customers and employees
    • personal and professional development
    • diversity
    • sustainability
  • respect and treat others (colleagues, managers, reports, clients, customers and organisational stakeholders) with fairness
  • act in accordance with relevant legislation, standards and industry codes of practice
  • act honestly to protect the reputation of JKL Industries; avoid the fact or appearance of conflict of interest
  • protect the privacy of others in accordance with organisational privacy and recordkeeping policies.

2. Anti-discrimination and equal opportunity policy

The purpose of this policy is to underscore the organisation’s commitment to the fair treatment of all personnel and customers.

JKL Industries values the diversity of its team, clients and communities and respects the rights of individuals and groups to operate in an environment free of discrimination. Procedures are in place for handling any grievances, including complaints of discrimination, unfair treatment or harassment. Complaints will be taken seriously and every effort will be made to resolve them quickly, impartially, empathically and with appropriate confidentiality. Victimization of complainants and witnesses is illegal. Complaints may also be lodged with a relevant government agency or regulatory body.

  • Identify the relevance of one piece of relevant legislation.
    • Anti-Discrimination Act 1977 (NSW)
  • Describe how policies and processes can help to promote cultural diversity, ethical values and relationship building.
    • By giving enough knowledge and information to the workers to have a positive workplace environment.
  • Describe any changes or additions you would make to JKL Industries’ policies, processes or communications to further promote cultural diversity and ethical values.
    • I would develop and use an induction program. This will give staff a clear understanding of JKL Industries’ policies and procedures (including its commitment to cultural diversity).  I would give the opportunity to the workers to learn and support cultural and religious customs celebrating cultural and religious dates, where appropriate.
  • Describe how would you approach the team and any suggestion you would make to resolve the issue fairly and consistent with organizational policy.
    • Meeting with the team or individuals preparing the ground by reiterating/communicating policy and organisational values through an appropriate communications channel.
    • Ensuring permission to intervene.
    • Ensuring support for and input on the conflict resolution process.
    • Engaging a mediator.
    • Providing training or inviting the team to workshop.
    • Ways to build team cohesion and tolerance of diversity

Question 2 

Describe what potential problems you anticipate from the team.

  • Resistance, hostility, passive-aggression, or insincere acceptance
  • Avoidance of conflict, while leaving issues unresolved
  • Issues that are apparently resolved and agreed flaring/spreading up repeatedly

Describe how you would confront the team with their unacceptable behavior, while maintain trust and avoiding the impression of taking sides.

  • Use of interpersonal skills such as active listening, group decision-making and negotiation skills.

Describe your standard or default communication style. What communication style would you consider adopting for this scenario?

  • Non-threatening, warm body language

Describe a previous situation in which you adopted your communication style to meet the needs of others in the workplace or achieve a work goal.

  • Reflating strong negative emotions
  • High responsiveness and low assertiveness
  • Use of a collaborative approach to address issues
  • Focus on creating team solutions to team problems

Question 3

Describe how networking with internal and external people could help you build positive relationships to achieve organizational and professional goals. What networking or networks would you suggest?

  • Networking with customers or customers groups to identify customer needs, develop sensitivity, and build trust.
  • Networking with industry groups to help identify trends, gain insights, benchmark organisational and team performance.
  • Networking with other professionals to benchmark personal performance and learn more effective practices, identify mentors and to feel a part of a professional community with shared vision, values and high standards.
  • Internal communities of practice
  • Managerial or HR focused online communities
  • Could create a network with the suppliers to negotiate prices
  • Team meeting, reports and operation plan to network

Describe a situation in which you joined a network to achieve an organizational or professional development goal. Describe the network. How did you build stronger relationships within the network? What was the result of the networking for you and your organization? 

  • I joined safety training at work. My manager walked around work place, showed me and explained details which need to know for workplace safety. The result of networking was very positive and easy to understand at once. And I noticed an improvement overall as we are now more knowledgeable of the safety requirements in workplace.

Question 4 Networking Plan

Networking activity



Description/rationale for networking activity


Sam & Alex

1 day

Building strong understanding between client, supplier and sales person.

Training for Sales

Sam & Alex

3 weeks

Increase revenue by providing increase customer value

Managing performance and adherence to oranisational value.

Mentoring for Sales

Sam & Alex

1 week

Senior manager could mentor sales person and explain what best way to negotiate terms with suppliers is.


Sam & Alex

1 week

Get feedback, check what need to improve.