BSBINN601B Manage Organisational Change Sample Assignment





  • Introduction
  • Mission
  • Vision
  • Goals and objectives
  • Products and services
  • Proposed changes
  • Reason for the changes
  • Where are we now
  • Where do you want to be ?
  • SWOT analysis
  • Cost benefit analysis
  • External environment
  • Major operational changes
  • Reviewing and prioritise the changes requirements
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Risk Assessment and risk mitigation strategies
  • Communication plan
  • Training plan
  • Action plan
  • Seeking approval Resources Allocation
  • Continuous Monitoring evaluation review and modification
  • Conclusion
  • references

Bounce fitness


Organizational change is the process in where organization changes needs to be implement ,It could be from its structure, strategies, operational methods, technologies, or organizational culture to be more successful and also be compliances with legislative requirements .

Bounce fitness is one best fitness practices operated which is complies with all the legislative requirement. It was establish by Margaret House in 2001 as a single rental aerobic studio, and after 2 years of membership ,and being successful business ,the organization decide to purchase its own land to build a new facility .In 2004 , a second center was in leased premises in Brisbane an then Sydney and Melbourne. Each center has a manager who reports to the CEO in Cairns and a team of permanently employed fitness instructors.

The classes are innovative and varied with regular changes to routines and activities, they have small retailed shop in each centres and the organisation try to make as much as comfortable for customer e.g. carpeted ,well spacious, well ventilated ,mirrors walls ,showers ,toilet and have a locker. Bounce Fitness has developed choreographed fitness moves with accompanying music which is geared to the varying interests, needs and goals of the member group. It is intended that all around Australia, gym and fitness center members will continue to be enhancing personal performance through classes designed and produced by this business.

Classes are coupled with state-of-the-art fitness equipment to cater to those who prefer resistance training to aerobic workouts. Additional free weights allow for use by even die-hard lifters.

Each centre sells membership to 120 %.This means that at peak times it could be quite crowded, but experience demonstrates that there is a maximum of 80% usage.


All the organisation of bounce fitness will give their best to the community with good quality, comprehensive, unique services and particular health program and services. The programs will be based on the needs of the members and will be affordable for all stakeholders.


Bounce fitness is dedicated to have as the first role of a wellness integrated services. Through the participation of employees’ culture and creative ideas and use of resources, the organisation will develop and Implement inclusive programmes and services for all.

Goals and objectives of Bounce fitness

  • Generate a 10 % yearly increase in sales
  • Increase market penetration every quarter
  • Continue to cultivate Bounce Fitness ‘ image as the premier long term wellness program provider
  • Decrease customer acquisition costs by 4 % every two quarters.
  • Lower the cost of service delivery by 1 %a quarter.
  • Holding spending, as a percentage of sales, at a steady rate.

Product and services of bounce fitness

Bounce fitness organisation make sure all the goals and strategic role of a new services or product is clarify, and flexible and prepare the teams for any changes that going to happen or about a new product. Anticipate market reaction to new products or services and establish test marketing as a first step to implementation. Establish a fund forecasting to provide a new product control chart. Monitor the new product and services, if changes is requires, so that is being done as soon as possible for success and for continuous improvement.

Proposed changes

  • Bounce fitness is becoming to register with fitness Australia.
  • Adoption of code of conduct to qualify as registered as fitness services
  • Upgrade qualification of some trainers to meet the minimum requirement of Certificate III level

Reason for changes:

As Bounce fitness is about to registered with fitness Australia as a fitness Australia Club Operator Member, this is a requirement that the trainer has a minimum of cert 3 .this changes can attract more customer as the trainer will be more professional, and satisfy the existing customer and improve the reputation of the organisation to a higher level. This changes can beat our competitors and will be a cost benefit.

Where are we now?

At moment, the Change management Agent has been asked to prepare a plan and has been given a budget. The centre wants to ensure that all trainers meet the requirement or immediately take training which is covered by Bounce fitness. Bounce fitness is expected that the changes will be implemented smoothly and the process will be well managed.

Where do you want to be?

The organisation want to meet the requirement to be compliance with the fitness Australia, so we required that all trainer has a minimum of certificate 3 in fitness and those who don’t have it, which five people at the moment two in Brisbane, two in Sydney and one in Melbourne must have the basic training .we will support every trainer to pursue further training and move forward and we will be more professional. We want to achieve the goal that all trainer has a minimum cert 3 and every trainer that is hire must have the minimum equivalent. We want to make sure that our code of conduct is being in practices so that we fulfilled the requirement of Australia fitness.


Have a good reputation.

Will be more professional as following the code of conduct.

Attract more customer.

Cost benefit for the organisation.


Have to maintain the standards

Required funds


Provide a variety exercise of services for a range of clientele across many varied settings.

A member of the public may utilise fitness services as a leisure or recreation activity


Resistant from staff.

Increase in cost of membership can lose customer.


Changes: Bounce fitness is about to register with Australia fitness

  • Changes: Adoption of code of conduct to qualify as registered as fitness services


Enhance skills and knowledge of trainers

Encourage professionalism

Improve level of standards of fitness services


Incur heavy costs for the up gradation of qualification

Cost of hire of casual trainers for 5 hours for 3 day per week.

Time consuming

Increase the cost of services


Enhance business opportunity

More customer


Threat of losing regular customer due to increase in cost of services

Strong competition


Increase the level of professionalism

Increase the level of reputation.

Attract more customer

Satisfy the needs of customer


Time consuming

Refresh training or meeting for all staff.

Cost effectives { printing booklet }

Hire an external consultant.


Be more competitive

To satisfy the needs of customer


Resistant from staff

Confusion from customer can create loss of value

  • Changes : a Upgrade qualification of some trainers to meet the minimum requirement of certificate lll

Cost benefit analysis


The table below shows the cost benefit analysis of the centre of Sydney Bounce fitness monthly .





(2 people need to send on training)

$ 1,762

$3,524(2 people)

Income from customer

$ 770

69,300 { for 90 customer }


$ 400

Retail shop

$ 3000


$ 400


$ 2000

Resources fees

$ 600

Exercise professional

$ 170 { 2 year}

$85{ 1 year}

$8 { per month}

$720 { 90 customers}

Casual staff salary

$ 35 per hour

$70 { 2 p}

$ 350 { for 5 hours}

$14,000 { 8 days in a month}

Salary(2 trainers)

$31 per hour

$ 2,480 { 40 hours}


$ 2000 { per month}

Expenses per month

$ 23,404



As the income is more than expected, a report will be sent to the CEO and I will request to CEO of Bounce fitness to increase the amount of the budget to be able to achieve the changes.






Ø Tax policies

Ø Contract enforcement law

Ø Consumer Protection

Ø Employment laws

Ø Government organization / attitude

Ø Competition regulation

Ø Political stability

Ø Safety regulations

Ø Natural Catastrophe { fire ,storm}

Ø Hazard

Ø Lifestyle changes

Ø Work / career and leisure attitudes

Ø Education

Ø Health consciousness & welfare, feelings on safety

Ø Religious factors

Ø Energy use and cost

Ø New machines

Ø Changes in technology

Ø Global communication.

Major Operational changes

As Bounce fitness is about to register with the Australian fitness, they will have to reconsider the code of conduct to be able to be compliance.

First issue is the lack of standardisation of operations, the organisation will have to review the customer policies and procedures and upgrade of new standards of the policy, make sure that the policies and procedure are being monitored and in practices .

‘As the different level of training has reduced the quality of the customer experience and potentially safety.’

All staff members will have to go on training to refresh their knowledge and to ensure a good quality work to customer and be professional. All staff must have the cert 3 fitness Instructing.

Refreshing training for WHS is also needed, or appoint a WHS officer to observe staff members, poster can be display around the centre to ensure a good awareness.

In the future , the organisation will hire staff member who has the cert 3 and has the job criteria and description.

How would you priories and review changes requirement?

As a change management agent, I would conduct a change management meeting weekly with the trainers in each centre to be able to prioritise changes ,in these meeting you can do brainstorming to prioritise which changes will come first .the meeting will help me as well to understand what the ideas of the staff members and suggestion.

I would ask feedbacks first before review the changes requirements it can be customers feedbacks as well.

Because the bounce fitness is located in different state web conferencing will a way to able to help to prioritise changes.

And also CEO can be contact through email or a face to face meetings

Stakeholder Analysis

  • Chief executive officer - Margaret House.{ Internal}

Margaret House is an important role in the organisation as she is the decision maker.

  • employees {trainer}{ internal}

The trainer is important as they are the one who deliver to your customer and contribute to the continuous the organisation.

  • change management agent {internal}

Will help the organisation to identify the changes needed and monitor it to be able to be compliances.

  • Customer{ external }

The customer are the most important people in the organisation as the success of the organisation depend on them. When they are satisfy they can even support you in your project.

  • Fitness of Australian {external}

They will help bounce fitness to be more professional and has a better reputation.

  • Suppliers

They need to be involved in all changes we implemented to be able to give us suggestion when ordering.

  • Government {external}

They are important as a law breach they will let you know immediately and it our responsibility to let them know.

  • Insurance {external}

They are important as it’s an assurance if something goes wrong they will cover the damage.

Risk assessment and risk mitigation strategies







Resistant from staff members to go on training

Scare of the unknown.

Think they can lose money, comfort.

Do a one to one meeting to clear the doubt.

Explain clearly what the benefit of having to on training is.

Financial insufficient to support the changes

Not well-planned.

Insuffient funds

Monitor the fund and support, resources.

Raise the problem to the CEO.


Not putting in practices the safety in the organisation.

E.g. lifting heavy material not in an appropriate way, falls, unsafe electrical cords.

Assign someone responsible to monitor safety in the organisation.

Display poster around, to explain the right way to avoid hazards.

Have refreshing training every 6 months about WHS.

Communication plan.


Topic subject

Communication methods (medium)


CEO Margaret House

About the changes identified.

Seeking approval

Financial fund.

Face to face meeting




Training programs

Notice boards ,


And staff meeting



Changes about to register with Australian fitness.






Changes in the organisation




Awareness of the changes




Changes in the organisation



Training education plans

Session modules


Length of training session

Target audience

Delivery mode


Cert 3 in fitness instructing

To meet the requirements of code of conduct of Australian fitness

6 months


External training


Team meeting

Refreshing Assignments about code of conduct


All staff members

in house

External expert

Action plan

Action Task

By whom

By when

Required resources

Report to

Fitness trainer needs to complete cert 3


6 months

Financial fund: Fees, accommodation fees, travel fees.

Materials fees: laptop ,note book ,booklet


Centre manager

Code of conduct meetings

All staff of bounce fitness

By 2 weeks

Financial funds :

Printer, booklet ,projector ,meeting room


Centre manager

WHS training

All staff of bounce fitness

By 2 months

Financial funds: fees for WHS external expert, projector.

Centre manager

Seeking approval and resources allocation

As a change management Agent will seek approval from the CEO of Bounce fitness who is Margaret House before implementing the proposed changes also inform the staff members about it, which could a team meeting.

Resources allocation:

Financial resources

Funds: we need funds to paid the training, external expert and materials e.g. booklet, projector, accommodation. Laptop.

Funds is needed also to implement the proposed changes.

Humane resources

An external agent to explain benefit of having to resister the Australian fitness, to prevent resistant from staff.

Material resources

Meeting room, laptop, projector, stationery.

Continuous monitoring evaluation review and modification

As a change management agent, I will make sure that all the implemented proposed changes are being monitored and be kept on track to be compliances with policy and procedures.

I will conduct monthly surveys and also ask feedbacks to staff and also to customer face to face. Direct observation can be done to observe and have an ideas of what happening. Weekly meeting will be an ongoing process.

And I will keep track of complaint, to compare before and after implementing the proposed changes have it rises or lowering.

To encourage staff and support them, yearly performance appraisal will be conducted, good feedback will give to them and the point of improvement will be given so they are aware that their effort is acknowledge and appreciated. Suggestion box will allocated in the organisation as everyone ideas are most welcome and be keep in consideration and also identify problem areas and opportunities for improvement


When implementing the proposed changed identify, Bounce fitness will be a more competitive, have a better reputation and will more professional .Bounce fitness will be compliances to register with Australian fitness.At the end of the day ,we are here to satisfy the needs of customer taking advise from customer is a great benefit and will let us move forward.

Also with the collaboration of all staff members, support from CEO, customer will able to achieve the goals and objectives of the organisation and increase the customer level.


Precision group manage organisation change viewed through the whole unit.

Bounce fitness viewed through the whole unit.

Australian fitness viewed on the 5 September 2015 viewed on 19 sep 2015