BSBADV507B Develop a Media Plan Sample Assignment

Report of Media Requirements

1. Introduction

Eywa is an Australian-owned company which produces natural chemical-free skin and body care products

The purpose of this report is to identify media requirements for Eywa to plan media advertising

The scope of the report is identifying the target audience, detailed customer profile, relevant market factors to be considered, creative and media implications, merchandising requirements, legal and voluntary constraints and available budget.

2. The target audience

The primary target audience will consist of female professionals and wives of professionals, aged

3. Customer profile

  • Beauty conscious women who are interested in looking after their well-being using holistic approaches to health
  • Take high care of their skin a major priority.
  • Live an active life, occupying them with any combination of work, study, raising children, staying fit and healthy, and socialising.
  • Concerned of the adverse effects of chemical-based skin care products
  • Searching for a skin care regime based on natural products which won’t harm their body or the environment.
  • Looking for natural skin care products which are good value for money and will leave their skin looking radiant and help fight aging

4. Market factors

The skincare market comprises of cosmetic and medical products. Cosmetic products involve enhancing beauty while medical products are concerned with resolving skin-related ailments such as rashes.

5. Creative and media implications

The objectives of the advertising campaign are to successfully promote the launch of the Earthsprite skin care range, create brand awareness for the Earthsprite products, and differentiate the brand from its many competitors.

Key advertising message

The following points will be included in the advertising message:

  • Earthsprite products are 100% natural, effective, affordable and innovative.
  • All Earthsprite products contain tamanu oil which possesses a unique capacity to promote the formation of new tissue, thereby accelerating healing and the growth of healthy skin.
  • Eywa believes nature provides us with everything we need to look and feel beautiful and healthy.
  • Nature looks after us so we should look after nature. Eywa products contain ingredients from plants which are grown organically and ethically and are highly effective.
  • Eywa is 100% Australian owned.
  • Eywa’s products are excellent value for money and more reasonably priced than their competitor’s products.

6. Merchandising requirements

Merchandising is the arrangement of products in a physical or online store to maximize sales. The objective of merchandising is to close the sale after advertising campaigns bring customers into the store.

Enhancing the Appeal

The first impression is usually the most important one, which is why window displays in brick-and-mortar stores and landing-page layouts in e-commerce stores are so important.

and illuminates the merchandise, especially during peak holiday selling seasons.

Store Layout

The type of store usually dictates the floor and shelf layout. Retailers may often move items to the front of the shelves to avoid giving the impression of not having enough items on stock. Retail managers may use the sales-per-square-foot metric, which is the ratio of sales to total shelf and floor display space, to assess the effectiveness of a merchandising strategy and make the necessary adjustments.

Online Merchandising

E-commerce stores should have a simple layout and an effective search tool for customers to browse through the store effortlessly.

Other Techniques

End caps, which are the ends of store shelves, and power islands, which are free-standing

7. Relevant local, national or international legislation or standards for media use

Legislation and Regulation

The following legislation, regulations or codes of practice directly affect the ‘Get in touch with your dark side’ campaign:

  • Competition and Consumer Act 2010
  • Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code
  • The Code of Practice on Nutrient Claims in Food Labels and in Advertisements 1995
  • Australian Association of National Advertisers (AANA) Food and Beverages Advertising and Marketing Communications Code
  • Internet Advertising Networks of Australia (IANA) Code of Conduct
  • Broadcasting Services Act 1992.

Facts to consider in local, national or international legislation or standards for media use

  • Truth in Advertising

Advertisers must also have evidence available to back up claims they make.

  • Advertising to Children

That children are not likely to understand exaggerated statements or images, citing the example that children may believe a toy helicopter to come fully assembled when in fact assembly is required.

  • Advertising Harmful Products

Different countries look differently on the advertising of vice products and services, striking

  • Advertising Tactics

Advertising tactics present additional ethical challenges. Advertisers have a range of less-

  • Cosmetics—ingredients labelling

The mandatory standard for ingredients labelling on cosmetics came into effect on 31 October 1993 and was last amended 23 May 2008. It covers labelling for cosmetics.

Under the mandatory standard, cosmetic products are substances or preparations intended for placement in contact with any external part of the body, including the mouth and teeth, for the purpose of:

  • altering the odours of the body
  • changing the appearance of the body
  • cleansing the body
  • maintaining the body in good condition
  • perfuming the body
  • protecting the body.

Eywa’ ‘Get in touch with your dark side’ advertising campaign will be compliant with the above legislation and Codes of practice in the following ways:

  • Eywa will not engage in conduct that is misleading or deceptive or is likely to mislead or deceive
  • Eywa will not make any false health claims regarding food content or the ingredients in its products
  • Eywa will ensure that the label on the packaging of all the products referred to in its advertisement applies include a nutrition information panel
  • Eywa will use all reasonable endeavours not to include on the its website or campaign microsite those types of content forbidden by the IANA Code of Conduct
  • Eywa will not knowingly violate any applicable laws or regulations with regards to its website or advertising campaign microsite
  • Eywa will respect the licence conditions stipulated by the Broadcasting Services Act regarding the number, type and content of ads in C periods, bans advertising in P periods, and C and P programs.

Available budget

The budget for this promotion is $5 million.


Student Workbook, 2011, BSBADV507B Develop a media plan, Innovations and Business Industry Council, Australia