BSBADM506 Manage Business Document Design And Development

Written answers to four questions

Test questions

Question 1

As a new member of the team you will need to identify organisational requirements. Referring to the Adept Owl scenario in Appendix 1, the Adept Owl style guide and procedures, identify:

1. one requirement for information entry

  1. A standard procedure for completing a mass letter mail-out including a mail merge that is consistent with existing letter standards is required, which means the information entry should follow the existing letter standards.

2. two requirements for file naming and storage

  1. Average cost per mail-out show be less than 100 dollars.
  2. Average sheets of paper used per letter show less than 3 pages.

3. two requirements for output/production or quality of document design and production

  1. In the interest of budgetary/financial control, only existing organisational software should be required.
  2. The entire mail merge process should take no more than 5 minutes to perform.

4. two compliance requirements – explain how the existing Adept Owl processes help ensure compliance with one piece of legislation and identify and explain one possible code of practice or standard relevant to document production for possible improvement of processes.

  1. Having templates or style guidelines that provide guidance or mandate. Using Adept Owl company logos, headers and footers, page numbering and file naming protocols.
  2. Privacy Act 1988: privacy procedures and document storage procedures protect against unauthorised access to customer or staff information.

Question 2

Evaluate Adept Owl’s present and future information technology capability to satisfy document design and production needs.

5. With respect to human resource capability, where are the skills gaps that exist currently within the administration team?

The general skill gaps is lacking of sufficient Microsoft Word skills and Excel skills.

In specifically:

Pat’s skill gap is creating and using formulae in Excel

Sam’s skill gaps are creating and using templates and macros in word and excel, and creating and using form fields in word.

Kim’s skill gaps are creating and using mail merge features in word and crating and using drop down lists in Excel, and creating and using formulae in Excel.

6. How could the skills gaps/not having enough skills be closed in keeping with organisational practices?

Having a better training on employees.

Outsourcing of IT expertise.

7. What future IT capability needs (both physical and human) could the organisation have with respect to document design and production within the next 2–5 years. Identify at least one source of external advice or information you have used to help you make this evaluation.

The administration team can have an employees training, which is focusing on Microsoft Office using and document tasks complementing. When the employees have a good capacity to handle the software, they can become a trainer to help other employees.

8. What changes might be required to the Adept Owl style guide and procedures to (take account/make a note, awareness) of anticipated/expected technological changes?

Amendments of allowed software lists.

Procedures for use of new software systems.

Addition of procedures for social media communications.

Addition of procedures for digital publishing and digital rights.

Question 3

Referring to the Adept Owl style guide and procedures, identify three types of documents used and required by the organisation.

  1. letters
  2. minutes
  3. memos

Question 4

Develop a short procedure for either (a) a mass letter mail-out or (b) the creation of an expense report. Ensure your procedures:

(a) a mass letter mail-out or (b) the creation of an expense report.

Procedure procedures meet information needs of organisation by facilitating sharing of correct and consistently formatted address.

Mail merges of completion of expense forms procedures take no longer than 5 minutes to complete, thus contributing to achievement of time and cost performance metrics.

Specify average time of 30 minutes to edit a letter.

Procedures require only Microsoft office software.

9. follow general style requirements of the Adept Owl style guide; include at least two references to the style guide or procedures, for example, storage or use of fonts (types, styles of letters) or headings references

  1. Address formatting.
  2. Using boilerplate text.




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