BSB42415 Marketing and Communication Sample Assignment

Purpose of the Assessment

The purpose of this assessment is to assess the student in the following learning outcomes:



Not Yet Competent


BSBMKG401 Profile the market

1.1 Identify criteria for use in segmenting market in accordance

with marketing plan

1.2 Identify and access sources of information for segmenting and

profiling markets in accordance with marketing plan

1.3 Segment market in accordance with identified criteria

1.4 Review market segments for their usefulness in terms of

factors such as their size, potential, distinctive needs, easy

identification of members or distinctive media use patterns

1.5 Select market segments to meet marketing objectives, and

choose and apply new segmentation criteria if required

2.1 Evaluate approaches to determining and describing total

market for a product or service

2.2 Define target market in terms of consumers to be included as

prospective users of a product or service, and selected market


2.3 Use segment descriptors to describe target market

2.4 Identify available strategic marketing options and select

targeting strategies that best meet requirements of the marketing


3.1 Describe total market and selected market segments using a

consumer profile

3.2 Identify consumer characteristics in standard statistical terms

and/or descriptive terms used in media selection in consumer


3.3 Use demographic and/or psychographic descriptions in

consumer profile in accordance with requirements of the marketing


3.4 Describe consumer attitudes to products or services being


3.5 Ensure profile meets organisational requirements of language,

format, content and level of detail

4.1 Identify available positioning strategies and choose a strategy

to meet marketing requirements and consumer profile

4.2 Write a positioning implementation plan containing several

options, in accordance with organisational requirements

4.3 Submit plan to supervisor within specified timelines and make

appropriate adjustments based on feedback

BSBMKG408 Conduct market research

1.1 Conduct initial desk research using appropriate sources to

gather background market information

1.2 Identify options for information collection and collation tools

and methods

1.3 Determine and seek approval for reporting formats for market

research documentation

1.4 Report initial research findings in approved formats inaccordance with organisational procedures

2.1 Develop hypotheses and research objectives for market


2.2 Identify options for quantifying data

2.3 Identify market research methodology and determine, develop,

test and amend required survey tools

2.4 Determine and test methods of data extraction, collation and


3.1 Interpret market research plans to identify potential

respondents and their requirements

3.2 Identify respondents in line with research and organisational


3.3 Recruit respondents in line with agreed research methodology

and organisational requirements

4.1 Prepare and arrange resources for data gathering

4.2 Gather data and information using survey tools

4.3 Record data and information gathered in approved formats, in

accordance with organisational procedures

4.4 Store and safeguard survey information and data in accordance

with organisational procedures

5.1 Conduct checks on quality of data and information collected

5.2 Select appropriate techniques to summarise data and


5.3 Design software files for entering data and information

5.4 Process data using a method appropriate to research design

5.5 Interpret and aggregate data and information, including

categorisation, to provide observations relevant to research


6.1 Collate and assess findings for relevance and usefulness to

research objectives

6.2 Prepare research reports

6.3 Communicate research findings to relevant personnel and

stakeholders in accordance with organisational procedures

BSBPRO401 Develop product knowledge

1.1 Identify information sources about products in a specified area

and evaluate them for reliability and validity

1.2 Identify product purpose/s and use/s

1.3 Identify key features of the product/s

1.4 Identify product strengths and weaknesses

1.5 Articulate guarantees and warranties and identify service

support details

2.1 Identify features of the product which have potential buyer appeal

2.2 Present features of the product which have buyer appeal as

benefits to the buyer

2.3 Present product benefits within the context of organisational

requirements and legislation

3.1 Use a range of information sources to identify competitors’


3.2 Compare features, benefits, strengths and weaknesses of

competitors’ products with own products

3.3 Establish relative standing of the organisation’s product with

the competitors’ product/s and communicate differences to the


Assessment/evidence gathering conditions

Each assessment component is recorded as either Competent (C) or Not Yet Competent (NYC). A student can only achieve competence when all assessment components listed under “Purpose of the assessment” section are recorded as competent. Your trainer will give you feedback after the completion of each assessment. A student who is assessed as NYC (Not Yet Competent) is eligible for re-assessment.

Resources required for this Assessment

  • Computer with relevant software applications and access to internet
  • Weekly eLearning notes relevant to the tasks/questions

Instructions for Students

Please read the following instructions carefully

  • This assessment has to be completed In class At home

· The assessment is to be completed according to the instructions given by your assessor.

· Feedback on each task will be provided to enable you to determine how your work could be improved. You will be provided with feedback on your work within two weeks of the assessment due date. All other feedback will be provided by the end of the term.

· Should you not answer the questions correctly, you will be given feedback on the results and your gaps in knowledge. You will be given another opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and skills to be deemed competent for this unit of competency.

· If you are not sure about any aspects of this assessment, please ask for clarification from your assessor.

· Please refer to the College re-assessment for more information (Student Handbook).


Note: The organisational details used in this assessment have been sourced (and to some extent paraphrased) from the organisation’s website and other relevant documents of the organisation. The information used here is solely for educational purpose.

Organisation History:

Since its foundation in 1937, globally, Toyota has strived continuously to contribute to the sustainable development of society and the planet through its business operations. It’s a principle that we have continued since Toyota Australia started in 1963 and has helped to cement our position as Australia’s leading automotive company.

Motor vehicles greatly expand the freedom of mobility, however, we recognise that they can also have an effect on our society and the environment. With this in mind, we listen carefully to our stakeholders as we pursue a business that works towards harmony with people, society, and the global environment. We are continuously innovating to develop vehicles that meet the needs of the market both now and into the future.

Our research focuses on vehicles powered by a range of alternative fuels and vehicles with the potential for automated driving. Meanwhile we continue to work towards vehicles that are safe for everyone, and that maintain the standards of durability and reliability that people expect from the Toyota brand.

Products and Services:

To get an idea about the types of productsand services the business offers, visit the link:


You are appointed as aMarketing Manager for Toyota Australia. Your responsibility is to conduct a market research, develop product knowledge and profile the market for the new product which is Toyota’s new electric car called “Bolt”.To complete this task you will need to acquire some organisational information to conduct some analysis for both understanding environment and organisational structure as well as acquire in depth knowledge on how to segment your market.

You are also expected to do your own external secondary research to find how the legal and ethical constrains.

You will be required to use the template/structure as provided below. Marking criteria and weights for each section are also provided within the structure.


Structure, Template and Marking Criteria for the Consumer Analysis Report & Design of Direct Response Offer:

1. Conduct Market Research to Gather Market Information (30 marks)

2. Develop product and product knowledge (30 marks)

3. Segment market and develop positioning( 20 marks)

4. Identify Target Market and profile target customers (15 marks)

5. Sources and References used(2 marks)

6. Appendix(3marks)





  1. Conduct Market Research to Gather Market Information


  1. Develop product and product knowledge


  1. Segment market and develop positioning


  1. Identify Target Market and profile target customers


  1. Sources and References used


  1. Appendix


Conduct Market Research to Gather Market Information

In this section you will discuss the following:

· Discuss your research methodology such as what type of research will you conduct (eg; Primary Research, Secondary Research or both Primary and Secondary)

· Determine the tools for your information collection (preparing survey questionnaires, focused group, interview, etc.)

· Collect the data and analyse the data. Demonstrate your data analysis through graphs and charts

· Prepare research report based on your data analysis (what are the possible findings)

Research Methodology (10 Marks):

I have selected the Primary Research and Secondary Research option to conduct the market research. Primary Research has the total control on the procedure and the research is streamlines to the extent of its objectives and scope is concerned.

Primary Research for the most part gather information specifically from unique sources. Data is gathered direct through studies,surveys,interview, meetings, and conversing with clients and different organizations, we can observe the information at the on real time basis the scene where accumulation of information is going on. In this manner, we can be sure that the recorded information is a true impression of the real world.

The research can be formal as well informal and can help to find our clients' needs , the way our business can enhance, what are the strengths and weaknesses and what options and practices different organizations are utilizing.

The primary research we are using is email surveys and questionnaires.

To the improve the obligation of the research I will utilize Secondary Research like internal Secondary Data comprising of data accumulated from inside the client databases and report from past primary research, external Secondary Data comprising of data assembled from government measurement and data media sources.

Tools for data collection (attach survey questionnaires in appendix) (10 Marks):

I will create polls and questionnaire from Survey Monkey and convey through email, social media like Facebook and Google Plus and existing clients to make utilization of checklist and rating scales. This will provide assistance to simply and measure individuals' practices, qualities that we are searching to do the examination of our new electric automobile.

Data Analysis and Report (10 Marks):

The Survey conducted will provide data and information that 36% of the Australian respondents consider the price tag of an Electric Vehicle (EV) important. Moreover, an aggregate of 38% of the respondents expressed they would think about buying a reasonable Electric Vehicle, while just 12% expressed not to buy an EV by any stretch of the imagination. As per 35% of the respondents, the general utilization of EVs in Australian would be successful at a similar price tag of EVs with regular vehicles.However, as many as, 25% of the respondents don't think of buying EVs in the general acknowledgment as far as fuel still is moderate and affordable.

The polls conducted also showed that consumers are more price-sensitive when choosing Electric vehicles than when choosing conventional fuel vehicles.

The information gathered demonstrates that the major share of respondents would not pay a premium price for an EV over a traditional vehicle. Subsequently, keeping in mind the end goal to make EVs more cost-aggressive with traditional vehicles, the battery cost need to be subsidized by the businesses or the government. Also, factor for example, financing costs, and government incentives m and quality appraisals has great significance for purchasers while purchasing another vehicle.

Develop product and product knowledge

In this section you will discuss the following:

· Discuss about the product and product details such as; product features, reliability, benefits of the product to the consumer, unique selling point for the product. etc

· Product Analysis (mention purpose and use of the product, analyse strength and weakness of the product, highlight service offerings such as warranty, free servicing, etc.)

· Competition analysis (Identify potential competitors and their product. Also mention how competitor’s product can affect your product positively or negatively based on their product features, strength and weakness.)

· Strategy to differentiate your product from competitors product (how will you highlight the differences of your product from competitor’s product and how will you convey the message to your potential customers.)

Product Details (10 Marks):

Product features

Toyota electric auto Bolt flawlessly coordinates with the high torque of a battery-controlled New lithium-ion battery and also give 320-480km of range for each charge.

Cell phone and Key card opening, it utilizes short range radio-frequency identification signal to communicate with the automobile. Utilizing the key card can authorise the cell phone, enabling it to speak with the 'Bolts' by means of Bluetooth. You can control certain feature with mobile phone, including the entryway locks and starting the car. You should keep a card in wallet or handbag on the off chance mobile turns off.

Modern interior

The Smart seat configuration gives space to extend for everyone in the car. Colourful dual Multi-Information Display with adjustable screens and accessible 11.6 touch screen show. With accessible Qi-perfect wireless cell phone charging.


Auto Express' reliability evaluations are based on their Driver Power study of more than 30,000 Car owner. The Rating is are the same for all proprietors of the Car.

Individual owner's evaluations and Comments.

Toyota electric auto Bolts rating is somewhat of a Driver Power rollercoaster ride, in 2012 where at ninth place, then plunge to 26th, then increase to seventh, and now down to a low of 36th position in 2018. However, 36th place is far from disastrous performance, Bolts owner's rated the quality, running expenses and simplicity of driving all exceptionally, making it a wonderful ownership experience.


Toyota hopes to have the most affordable electric auto available when it start the Bolts campaign one month from now. The Bolts will introduce the Toyota's eminent electric innovation to different type of purchasers at more affordable cost. The $45,000 Bolt's is the best-priced auto electric car.

How consumer will get benefited from the product

The Bolts has been made tough to drive in any terrain, making it easy to drive in difficult situation. The Hi-tech system can control itself at the time of emergency

Bolts can travel out up to 480km out in a single solitary charge and the battery is additionally equipped for enduring 8 years and can travel in excess of 160, 000 km all through the battery life duration.

More space for basic need, baggage, and so on. Electric motor is designed essentially distribute power from one engine to every wheel, which they could perform separately. Hence, Bolts is an increasing speed in time has the highest best speed, which, can be accomplished the target effortlessly.

Electric autos clearly are without any carbon emission since it runs totally on electric power. It is additionally easy and cost effective to refill, either charge it at Toyota charging station (for nothing out of pocket) or at home by personal charging station which is available in carport. By driving, Bolts will decrease both air contamination and noise pollution, hence saves the earth and saves the cash.

The unique selling point of the product

The $45,000 price of the best-priced, smart and hi- tech electric car like Smartphone and Key card unlocking, Modern interior and distinctive styling, with sharp angle and a sleek silhouette. A comprehensive safety package includes auto braking as standard.

Product Analysis (5 Marks):


Toyota's greatest leverage is the immense quality of the product. The Vehicles made by the organization are strong and dependable, and the evidence of their strong quality is the statistic which expresses that about 80% of all Toyota sold in 20 years are still on the streets today.

Exquisite interiors and revolutionarily outlined exterior.


The danger of a decline in its potential insurances claims and reputation because of genuine security embarrassments. In 2014, Toyota reviewed and recalled 6.5 mln vehicles worldwide to settle an assortment of issues, including broken steering wheels and seats.

High maintenance cost being electric vehicle and marginally high cost when contrasted with oil variations is also a main issue.

Competition Analysis (10 Marks):

Car Name





Full Charge

Why you should buy it

Why you shouldn’t buy it

Tesla Model S


211 miles

Good (Supercharger location, lane drifting warning, self-driving

Good (seats 5-7)

½ charge in 20 mins. With Tesla Super-charge

It’s the top of the line, and there’s no better EV you can drive

It’s priced like a top of the line car, and prices aren’t coming down just yet

Ford Focus Electric


76 miles


Bad (cargo space only holds a few grocery bags)

4 hours

143 horsepower give it impressive acceleration, and it drives much like a conventional Focus

The backseat isn’t great, and there’s not much trunk space

Honda Fit


82 miles


Good (Rear Cargo space, seats 5)

3 hours

Car and Driver said it drives nicely, and notes the non-EV version has made several of the magazines Top ten lists

It epitomizes the weird, scrunched up look of small EV.

Smart For Two Electric


68 miles


Average (seats 5)

6 hours

Electric drive is a natural fit for the tiny car, which got only mediocre mileage in the gasoline version

The car’s handling has been panned by Forbes, Motor Trend, and Autoweek

Strategies to differentiate product from competitor’s product (5 Marks):

The procedure will be used to strive to be focused through a blend of value and evaluating. We will built high quality and affordable value boards that could rival any of the costly brands; at that point, which will be sold specifically to the client. We will use high quality of customer service benefits which will make our business grow on the basis of quality and value point.

Tools of communication and giving the information:

The Marketing communication through internet plays an important role. We will use non-verbal communication like email, which will be sent to potential buyers and will enables buyers to purchase through the automatic response online which would include a downloadable e-brochure. All advertisements will bear the automatic web address to make it easy for buyers to find it. Besides that, print adverts will be placed in quality newspapers especially those newspapers with weekend car editions such as The Daily Telegraph, The Australian etc.

Segment market and develop positioning:

· Based on your market research information and product knowledge, segment the market in terms of (size of the market, potential of growth in the market, market needs, diversity of customer, etc.)

· Create a market positioning strategy and plan and discuss how you will implement the plan. Discuss the draft plan with your supervisor and amend changes. Your positioning strategy will highlight what will be customer’s perception regarding your product/service or business (eg; reliability, luxury, efficiency, environmental, affordability, etc.)

Segment Market (10 Marks):

Importance of segmentation.

We believe that market segmentation is essential for us as it will allow us to focus our resources and expertise toward a specific target to improve the product and to get a competitive edge we are segmenting the market based on the following strategies/segmentation:

Price segmentation

This group of consumers will typically spend a little bit more on their motor vehicle purchase. They are looking for technically advanced cars that have the latest features, as well as higher quality finishes throughout.

Demographic segmentation

The consumers (private buyers) are the most important segment in the market. The consumer's age is between 30 to 50 years old. They could be either male or female. The family lifecycle is that they are likely to be married with children. They are educated adults who know the effect of electric cars to the environment. The income level of the costumers is to be seekers ($4376-$10,941) and strivers ($10,941-$21882). Therefore they are in upper middle class and have occupations that of high managerial or professional positions. Hence they not only are prepared to purchase an environment friendly car but they can also pay high go the comfort and future cost saving from the car.

Psychographic/ life style

The first one is the early adopters and technology pioneers these people are the one who are interested in the latest technology who are the first-runners who want to own the latest invention. The second type are the people who are environment friendly they are the one who recognize the global warming situation the pollution and the impact of motoring industry on them. They would like to do something about it by buying an environment friendly car. The third types of customer are the customers who are looking for the ideal combination of low-maintenance cost car in the long run and the highly economized fuel consumption at an affordable price.

Develop Market Positioning (10 Marks):

Toyota is existing brand and was the first successful mass produce the hybrid car on the market, Toyota gain a large portion of the market share in the area of electric car. Therefore Bolts positions itself not only as echo-friendly but also as a lifestyle with a practical way of travelling in the city with latest technology and smooth ride promoting huge safe on fuel.

Global warming affects us all and it is very clear that we should all change our sources of energy from carbon fuel power to electrical power. Electric cars are the car of the future, we saw this market niche a business opportunity and another position for the Bolts.

Toyota Bolts created high-quality and affordable price boards that could compete with any of the expensive brands; then, we sold them directly to the customer. We’ve followed up with great customer service, and our business is growing based on the quality of our product and our favourable price point.

Identify Target Market and profile target customers:

· Determine your primary and secondary target market based on the demographic, geographic and psychographic factors.

· Describe your target market as per the market segmentation you have done earlier

· Identify appropriate marketing strategy that best meet requirements of your target market.

· Identify and analyse the characteristics of consumers and their attitude towards your product/service (use demographic and psychographic descriptions).

· Discuss how you will profile the target customer, record the data (tools of data collection, observation and recording information). Identify information recording requirements such as; level of details required, language format of the content.

Identify Target Market (10 Marks):

Profile Target Customer (5 Marks):



APPENDIX (3 Marks)

Include any attachments, facts, figures, pictures, diagrams, brochures, web screenshots, etc that you have discussed in your plan and may relate to explain the e-marketing plan more clearly.