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What is biophysics?

Biophysics includes two main branches of science which is biology and physics. Therefore, biophysics links concept of these area together and hence, it can be called as integrative science that uses physical concept to study the biological world.

Biophysics: connection between physics and biology

Physics is the branch of science that is involved in quantitative analysis of the natural world with the use of data’s, formulae, theories and practical calculations. Likewise, biology is the subject that helps to understand the natural world through experiments. It involves less of calculations and more of the results obtained from those experiments. Therefore, the combination of ideas and knowledge from both these field is integrated in biophysics.

Topics studied under Biophysics

Biophysics covers broad range of topics. It raises question from the very initial level and reaches to the higher level in organization of the system. The questions in biophysics begin from the cell and continue to the structure of tissue, body organization and the environment. The questions that is related to the body plan and functioning of system like: how can we perceive every information’s of the natural environment? How does our immune system function so effectively? How our muscle does functions and creates movement of the body? Are all answered by this field of science.

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We are very clear that proteins are the essential component of the body since they perform numerable functions in our system. So, the study of biophysics makes clear about every step that is involved in the pathway of protein. Beside this, communication of nerves, DNA, viruses are all studied under this branch of science. Overall, the basic as well as complex level questions are answered under biophysics.

Biophysics uses the instruments and methods designed by well- known physicist in attending biological questions. Therefore, students who desire to pursue this field must have clear and strong base in different branches of science, i.e. Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics and Biology. Beside these important subjects, Knowledge on computer is very essential in this field of science since data’s that are useful need to be collected and analyzed by the computerization techniques. Hence, this is the reason that development of many other fields in science has helped in the extensive research in biophysics. Therefore, advanced tools and technique to understand different diseases at molecular level have becomes far more easy and convenient to the biophysicist. Presently, many more of the diseases such as AIDS and Cancer are still under investigation, and researchers in this field are trying to understand the process of infections and hence design the drug accordingly.

Beside the research and development work in human beings and other living species, biophysicists are also concerned in addressing many of the environmental issues. The increasing population and urbanization have created lots of issues on non-renewable sources of energy. It have been found that if the population increases in similar manner, soon the reserved fuel in the earth will no more be available for the people. Hence, this is a matter of concern for every individual on the earth. In order to have solution to this problem, biophysicist and many other scientists from different other field of science has been working on biofuel to use it as alternative source of energy.

Biophysics is an interesting subject for those who are curious to discover new techniques with fresh ideas and methods. An extensive career opportunity is available for students in this field. They can either go for research work, or they can work with computers, they can also join institute and work as lecturer. In fact, biophysicists are also provided a good job in aeronautical field. Hence, students can go in the desired sector as per their interest and the available opportunity.

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