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Biomechanics is the integration of two fields of science. It provides knowledge on biological system in mechanical way. Thus, biomechanics is an inspiring field that deals with forces of living system.

Mechanics is the branch of science and sub-branch of physics that is concerned on the forces exerted by any physical system; more precisely it talks about the motion and its causes. Since, this branch of science is more oriented towards explanation of ideas in calculative and numerical form; hence when combined with the biological system the elucidation gets lucid, practical and meaningful.

Just like the artificial machinery, the living body is also made by the combination of different system and parts. But the complexity of natural system is far more in comparison to the artificial system. So, biomechanics focuses on study of natural system and all of its parts in detailed form.

Importance of studying Biomechanics

Biomechanics is the field that explains about the motion taking place in living system which can be animals, plants or human. Biomechanics is studied in many fields of science including engineering, anatomy, health, medical science, sports etc. In the field of engineering, students get opportunity to have the closer view on working of biological system from cell to complete body plan by use of different techniques and instrument. In case of health science, the role of biomechanics get pumped up where students get ideas and knowledge on proper use of different organs in order to minimize the possible injury and increase the efficiency.

Fields and careers in Biomechanics

It is very important to keep body moving in proper way with correct posture in order to remain active and healthy. So, biomechanics provide knowledge on movement of every part though calculation and theorems. The distance covered, force exerted, force required, the motion of every single organ are some of the important topics that students deals under the head of biomechanics. Hence, biomechanics in sports can be of great advantage to the player’s because it becomes easy for an instructor to train students if they have good knowledge of this field.

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Physiotherapy is a professional field where physical damage in the body parts is corrected with the help of professional who are termed as physiotherapist. Hence, students pursuing this medical field also need to have biomechanics as their major subject so as to properly understand working of every part in details using theorem and practical calculations.

Beside these fields of study, further there are many fields that come under the umbrella of biomechanics. These fields include: rehabilitation, allometry, cardiovascular, and many more. Hence, the ideas and knowledge is not centralized only for the human system or animals, rather the concept of this field is applied in case of plants as well. In plants, this field has a major importance studying about the transport system of water and minerals.

Therefore, the understanding of this field is prevalent in different areas of science and it is the reason that there are maximum job options available for students in different branches. Pursuing Kinesiology (study of body movements) is a basic step towards this field. Students can then go for masters in order to have good job opportunity in this area of study. They can begin their career as a junior researcher or lab technician and then rise ahead slowly to the senior most post.

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