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When were the big 12 conferences founded?

Introduction to the Unit

The Big 12 conferences are mainly referred to as college athletic conference that is mainly get headquartered in Irving, Texas, USA, and it mainly consists of ten full-member universities, and it is the member division 1 of the National Collegiate Athletic Association for all types of sports. The Big 12 is a non-profit organization, and this was like others who are generally get involved in the major realignment which has effectively kept its name mainly for marketing purposes. The conference has high name recognition, and easily gets remains as for one of the power five conferences which are generally considered as the primary contenders to effectively produce the college football playoff champion team during a particular given year.

On Feb 25th, 1994, it was effectively get announced that a new conference would be simply get formed from the members of the Big Eight, and four of the Texas members colleges of the Southwest conference, and this was effectively get dubbed into the new entity that is Big 12. The football team of the Big 12 conference competes in the football bowl divisions, and the higher two levels of the NCAA Division 1 for the football competition and all its member schools are effectively located in Lowa, West Virginia, Oklahoma, etc.

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According to the website of Big 12 conferences, the alternate names of Big Twelve, and Big XII are not correct, and the related trademark is of the conference that is Big 12 conference.

History of Big 12 conference

Big 12 conferences founded Assignment help

The Big 12 conference is the second youngest of the major college athletic conference in the United States of America, and which have effectively get formed in 1994 mainly from a merger of one of the oldest conferences, is the Big Eight with the four prominent colleges from related Texas as from its formation until 2011, all its 12 members are effectively get competed in two main divisions, and the two charter members left the conference in 2011, and in 2012, the Big 12 was effectively get formed with an alliance as with the Southeastern conference for hosting a joint past season college bowl game which is in between the champions for each available conference.

Championship Game

The Big 12 championship game was generally held by the Big 12 conference each year, and the main idea for having a championship game was effectively voted on at the conference meeting of Big 12, and Nebraska voted as against those, while the other schools were in favor of this as the championship game pitted in the North Division of Big 12 that is against the division champion of South which was generally get held as after the regular season that had been effectively completed, and the first championship game was effectively held as during the 1996 season, and since 1996 season, most of the football championship games were generally held at the Arrowhead Stadium in Missouri at Kansas City. The final game was effectively played in the Cowboys stadium in Texas at Arlington which had also hosted the previous related game as with the Oklahoma Sooners while defeating the Nebraska Cornhuskers at ages 20 to 23.


The Big 12 conference has several rivalries as among all its school’s members who were mainly in Football as most of the rivalries were effectively get existed as before while the Big 12 was established, and the Kansas Missouri rivalry was one of the longest-running in the Big 12 in the west, and the second longest-running in the football college, and it was effectively get played as within 119 years as before Missouri left Big 12, and within October 2012, the University of Kansas’ athletic department has not accepted the invitation of Missouri to play the rivalry games in inter-conference, as the sports clubs effectively get sponsored by the two universities who have generally continued to play the games as Oklahoma Texas Rivalry was also so unique, and effective.

The Big 12 has been at the main forefront in the college athletics reform, as specified with the student-athlete welfare-related main issue to effectively include the cost for attendance, and the student-athlete time which mainly demands strengthening up its policies for a better, and effective policy for concussion as the major diagnosis, and effective management. The Big 12 effectively get introduced as well as hosted three State of Collegiate Athletics forums for effectively examining the major issues which are generally facing college athletics. The award-winning Big 12 champions for life was the main initiative for the conference which effectively begins in the year 2020-21, and all its related current features, and the former athlete student selected by the league institutions in the series of public service announcements for effectively highlighting the positive impacts, and the athletics scholarships which had their lives which mainly leads to the main stories for success, and the personal growth.

The Big 12 effectively claimed the five national championship teams, and this was the third-most in an academic year in the history of the conference, and which mainly tallied five NCAA runners up. The Big 12, and all its member's institutions were committed to a better, and competitive environment where sportsmanship and the best fair play takes for the center stages, and either in the field, in the classroom, and within under community, the student-athletes, administrators, coaches of Big 12 support the highest ideals in the sportsmanship.