Benefits of SAP information system for TFGM


Need for the computer aided software services for accounting and maintaining the database system, now a day, seem to be increasing. Almost all the companies, irrespective of large and small, are implementing different software services and maintaining the proper database system. Installing of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) seems to have fully satisfied the necessities of the business transaction process and data processing needs. In this very study work, the researcher is going to discuss about the different benefits that Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has received by implementing the SAP ERP and SAP CRM software. At the same time, the researcher will also highlight the factors that how a better service can expect to be provided.

Task 1:

Benefits of SAP information system for TfGM:

SAP ERP service provides a wide range of business opportunity and financial support to the business organisations.  Supply chain management, maintaining the inventory, scheduling the products and services, customer relationship and several other factors seem to be efficiently controlled and managed by the SAP ERP software. For TfGM with the application of SAP the company seems to have rejuvenated from the typical retrospection. It seems that the company seems to control different aspects of the transportation system in Manchester. From the road transportation, TfGM seems to be responsible in controlling the Metrolink services of Manchester. As the report projects that more than 267 million trips are conducted by the company in the road transportation every year and has to control more than 600 employees. It seems very much difficult for the organisation to maintain a conventional manual database for all the customers and the employees. Therefore the application of the computer aided software management system seems to have played a pivotal role.

1.1 Flexibility in the Data Management and Data Warehousing System:

As reported by David Hytch, system director of TfGM, the process of storing data, in the earlier days, was stereotype and had to deploy a lot of employees in this job. This was completely a poignant system and a monstrous effort seemed to be needed in managing all these aspects. There was a threat of missing of the vital and losing the confidential information. Even it was very much difficult to get control over the customer relationship management. But by applying the SAP ERP software it has become very much easier to get control over the delineative data management system. The risk of losing the data has become foreign (Horridge et al. 2006). At the same time, it needs only a few people to bring control over the software management system. It has become very much credential for the organisation to make the holistic approach in maintaining the proper data orientation system.

1.2 Transparency in the Accounting System:

Application of SAP ERP software seems to have become one of the sophisticated approaches in maintenance of the accounting system. It seems, the services provided by the organisation, records billions of footfall in a year which actually results in generation and deportation of millions of pounds. Over the year the organisation seems to have received tarnishing reports of missing of fund (Kobilsky, 2006). At the same time, TfGM was needed to maintain a lot of accounting people and error seemed to have been inevitable. Often it was heard, that the organisation had been in need of borrowing the loans from the capital market. But with the application of the computerized mechanical system, theft and the misinterpretation of the money seems to have brought under control. At the same time, transparency in the accounting system can also be maintained efficiently. It seems that as much people are not required to be appointed by the organisation, it curtails down the expenditure and increased the revenue.

1.3 Strategical Management:

For TfGM, applying and managing proper strategies seems to be very much important. Information flow among the subunits of the organisation has become very much viable. Better coordination among the employees and management and the commuters seem to have become reality. With the application of SAP CRM, the statistical deployment of the various relationships has become strengthen (Noland and Lem, 2002). It has become very much helpful for the employees and the management at the same time to assess the different critical factors of the business which remains just a click away. Instant access of the data and proper evaluation seems to have designated their efficiency.

1.4 Efficiency and Eminency:

Being digitalized, TfGM has increased its application of efficiency. With the graphical from of different matrixes that the organisation seems to use for interactive reporting system, executives and the managers can easily access the different states. If any trouble seems to have appeared they can revolve that out or ask their fellows to make the fixation; thereby, maintaining an affluent performance and servicing quality (Allcock et al. 2002). The organisation seems to stand responsible for providing an inspirational service to the commuters which also helps in the elevation of the revenue for TfGM. Immense development in the technical sector has enabled TfGM to provide service to more than 57,000 passengers daily in the Manchester Metrolink.

With the application of the proper SAP ERM and SAP CRM services the organisation has become one of the most sophisticated service providers in the transportation system in Greater Manchester.

Task 2:

Evaluation of the Implementation Approach used by TfGM in Implementation of the SAP Information Systems:

SAP service seems to be one of the prominent services implemented by TfGM in providing affluent and uninterrupted services to the commuters. As argued by David Hytch, the organisation in the earlier days seemed to have faced numerous problems. Even history has witnessed several malfunctioning and uncontrolled situations related to TfGM. But the organisation seems to have overcome those vicious and remorseful days. Approach to the implementation of the uninterrupted services seems to have followed the adaptation of the immense digitalization system which actually let the organisation to have involved in development of other various sectors (Hoyer et al. 2009).

TfGM seems to have engaged itself in providing the better service flexibility. To implement the service properly, TfGM seems to have taken help of an IT firm, Logica. The software that has been built and being used by TfGM is called to be a most sophisticated approach in the transportation system (Katta, 2008). The software seems to provide proficiency in getting the news of the different arenas of transportation in the different matrixes showcased by the software. TfGM has aimed to provide training to all the employees and the 150 managers to provide sophisticated training about the different aspects of the software and its utilization.

The organisation, with the application of the digitalized tools, desires to bring control over all the employees working in the different sectors. The dashboard that is maintained by TfGM seems to project the updated data which actually helps the mangers and the executives to assess the performance of the workers and the system at the same time. With interactive system of SAP CRM the organisation can easily highlight the current facts to the people (Rolia et al. 2009). On the other hand SAP ERM service has enabled TfGM to maintain the accounting system properly.

TfGM even seems to have very much affluent in providing security to the employees and the commuters. With the application of SAP services the organisation seems to remain upgraded with all the information and the possible simulations are fruitfully maintained. With the ERM services, the managers of the company can scrutinize all possible apparels and the crucial sectors of financing. It let the managers to assess all the possible aspects of the company. With proper CRM system the HR management of TfGM can access the processes of the project. Digitalization renders help in curtailment of the budget management system.

It seems that the appreciation from the commuters of the services seems to be very much affluent and impressive. It helps TfGM to provide more authenticated and sophisticated service (Hejazi et al. 2014). Improvement in the commuter and management services seem to be noteworthy at the same time.  Even it has enabled the organisation to expand its services in the other locations of UK. The demand of the exquisite transportation services like the one provided by TfGM, seem to be increasing day by day and to enable with the demand the organisation at the same time seems to have developed more sophisticated system based on the SAP model. Interestingly, as commented by the different officials of TfGM, the organisation is in no way interested to bring hindrance in the SAP services. More provident services are on the way to be implemented by TfGM to meet the necessities, but the proximal of the SAP service system is not going to be shunned.


In the research work, the researcher seems to have focused on the different aspects SAP ERP and SAP CRM services that has been fruitfully implemented by TfGM to provide a better service to the common people of Greater Manchester. At the same time the researcher seems tom have focused how much benefits did TfGM had received in comparison to the earlier state. Finally, in a nutshell, SAP ERP and SAP CRM service seems to be the most holistic approach in the development of an organisation.


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