ATI Focused Review Sample Assignment

1. Complete an ATI Focused Review®


2. Answer the following questions and review the suggested learning activities. Send me your answers here.

Describe the steps a nurse should take when preparing to administer a blood transfusion.

- The nurse should type and cross match blood products to ensure compatibility of the blood transfusion to the client. Explain the procedure, assess vital signs and temperature and remain with client during the initial 15-30 mins. Verify blood product, gain consent, verify patient. Two RNs must identify the correct blood product and client by looking at the hospital identification number on the blood product and the number on the clients identification band. They should match. Prime the blood administration set with 0.9% sodium chloride. Y-tubing with a filter is used to transfuse blood. No larger than a 19 gauge needle is used in adults. Remain with client first 15-30 mins and monitor vital signs and rate of infusion. Document procedure and outcomes.

Define the delivery system, functional nursing.

- Functional nursing is a model of care that is task-focused, not client focused. Tasks are divided with one nurse assuming responsibilities for certain tasks. A lead nurse makes assignments and is available to help. The issue can be that communication is not always clear.
Activity: Health Care Delivery Systems- RN Focus

What are the components of the HIPAA privacy rule that nurses should uphold?

- The components of HIPPA privacy rule are both failure to protect private health information and inappropriate disclosure of information are considered HIPPA violations. Client information cannot be disclosed to an unauthorized individual. Many hospitals use code system where information is disclosed only to individuals that are able to recite the code.
Suggested Leadership Learning Activity: Confidentiality and Information Security

To promote a culture of safety and optimize risk management support to employees, the facility should track error reporting. What are two (2) types of events that should be tracked and reported under a facility's risk management programs?

- The following events require an incident report; medication errors, procedure/treatment errors, equipment errors, needlestick injury, client falls/injuries, visitor/volunteer injury, threat made to client or staff and loss of property.

Suggested Leadership Learning Activity: Incident Reporting

3. If available, create custom exam and complete 5 Board Vitals questions using the following content areas. Once you finish your custom BoardVitals Exam, send me a summary of two nursing concepts you reviewed from your Board Vitals quiz to indicate completion. Access the BoardVitals quiz bank on www.atitesting.comunder MY ATI under the NCLEX Prep tab.

RN Graduates

· Leadership-Management

· Safe and Effective Care Environment - Management of Care

· Alternate Format - Safe & Effective Care Environment – Management of Care

  1. Horizontal Violence is often unrecognized and underreported. It is unwanted abuse or hostility in a workplace. This can be described as repeated acts of aggression, intimidation, criticism, harassment and interpersonal conflict that happens over a period of time. The Joint Commission mandates healthcare organizations to develop codes of workplace conduct that are defined acceptable and unacceptable in a work place.
  2. A democratic leader assumes the members of the group are internally motivated and capable of making decisions. They provide information, ask questions and offer suggestions or constructive criticism. A democratic style of leadership is a participative style based on all participants in a given group should have input when setting goals and solving problems.

If you do not have access to Board Vitals or the access has now expired, please complete the Leadership learning system practice quiz.