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Astronomy, something that fascinates every child and just curiosity leads the child into taking a degree Assignment in astronomy. It could be defined as science in which one study is the matter that is present in the space along with the phenomena that make this post. Some of the major components of astronomy include physics and mathematics, this is so because they help in providing a valid explanation for each and every statement made. The things that fascinate the student in taking astronomy as a subject include celestial objects, the planets that are revolving around the sun, our own solar system, our Milky Way galaxy and all the other in infinite objects that are present in the outer space these are the things one cannot look with a naked eye. Astronomy can be seen to be one of the most natural and oldest forms of science because since the human started involving, there has been seen records of studies done on the same. The reason why humans started studying about astronomy at ages so early is that when they saw something revolving over their heads, repeating it time and again, increase their curiosity in the same and this led to the science form named Astronomy. Nowadays astronomy is taught to college students as well, Assignments in both graduate and undergraduate are available in universities across the globe. If you are one of those students who wish to take astronomy as the subject for college, this post just might be for you because in this post will be discussing some of the basic things a student must be aware before choosing it as a major, things like career options, average and median salary, the minimum requirements to get in some of the top-notch colleges across the world, some of the most basic subjects that are taught in Assignments related to astronomy along with what it takes to be a successful astronomer.

Career options: as a student was interested in astronomy, you must realize that a lot of jobs are available in this field because of the fact that it is a very restricted field. Only if you are really interested in astronomy you should choose the same. It is said that the job is really stressing because they might be times when a single question, that too a very simple one might take years to solve. The career options that are available after a student completes a Assignment in Astronomy are as follows:

  1. Astrophysicist: this is the most sought-after job after a student completes a degree in astronomy, this is so because this career option helps the students to reveal and find out the hidden mysteries that are present in this universe. They get to do research on topics like black holes, galaxies that are present in this universe, the sun and every other thing that used to make them go crazy as a child. This is a particular job where the candidate has to be extremely versed in mathematics and pattern recognition because this career option revolves around only these two things.
  2. Aerospace engineer: this option is mostly chosen by students because it is the most well-paying carrier one can get after graduating from a Assignment in astronomy. Here, assumptions have to be made regarding the flights and every other factor that might help in increasing the safety of the passengers like weather, the position of the various celestial object, etc.
  3. Researcher: most graduated student end up in some college or university, where there are able to teach students about astronomy and it's various aspects along with being able to conduct researches of their own. This is so because the resources that are needed to conduct the research are provided by the University.
  4. Government organizations: if we look at the statistics, 33% of astronomers work for government organizations like ISRO, NASA and other organizations like this. They help in successfully completing the projects that government gives them like making a satellite reach to the outer space and things like this.

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Talking about the salary of an astronomer, it lies somewhere between US$50,000- US$160,000. The salary for astronomers working for government organizations had a median of US$140,000. The salary one could expect this from educational institutions with the median being US$70,000. Please also note that the vacancies in the field of astronomy for government organizations usually require the candidate to be a doctorate scholar, considering this it takes students usually around 5 to 6 years to complete their Assignments.

While considering candidates for the list of top colleges for astronomy across the globe, we also had to consider the colleges with physics as well because after all, astronomy comes as a branch under of physics. down below is the list of some of the best colleges that provide education in the same:

  1. California Institute of Technology, Pasadena
  2. Harvard University, USA
  3. University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
  4. Princeton University
  5. Imperial College, London
  6. ETH Zurich, Switzerland

From the above list of the top 6 universities in this field, it can be seen that most of the members of the list are from the USA. there have been surveys which state that 2 percent of the world’s top colleges are from the United States of America which makes it the perfect destination for the students who are willing to make a career in the field of astronomy.

It has been seen that most of the time when a student is facing a dilemma for choosing the career fields. the thing that helps the students most is a brief introduction to the subjects that are going to be studied in the respective branches and to help you all even more, down below is a list of some of the most important as well as fundamental subjects in the Assignments for astronomy. most of the colleges that offer these Assignments expect the students to understand the fact that the ratio to the Assignmentwork and the research work is 50:50 because astronomy is something in which each professional has their own theory. The subjects are as follows:

  1. Computer-aided Astrophysical techniques: Computer-aided Astrophysical techniques is one of the subjects that is used as an introduction to astronomy to students who are in their undergraduate Assignments. The subject revolves around the various computer software and the instruments that are used in the field of astronomy. This subject is one of the theory subjects that the students have to face during their Assignment.
  2. Planetary Science: This subject simply refers to the study of planets. one thought that ignites the genius in each and every astrophysicist is the thought of life like earth on another planet and in search of the answer to this question, budding astronomers are given education of the various planets that are present currently in our solar system so that these new and young minds can bring out some new conclusions with the help of the new facts that these people will find.
  3. Stellar astronomy: Just like planetary science is about planets, this subject revolves around the study of stars. The curiosity about the same rose when it was concluded years back that the sun to our solar system is a star as well. Since then numerous number of researchers have been done on various stars present in the milky way galaxy. All these combined forms the subject of stellar astronomy.
  4. Mathematics: most of the students think this subject to be overrated while learning about the various subjects that are present in the astronomy Assignment but as they advance in their career, they find it as the most important tool for all the research they did with the help of various algorithms present in mathematics. some of the important topics that are taught are as lag ranges equations, matrices, Fourier series and the list goes on and on.

We hope that this article was of some help to a budding astronomer.