World Wide Web: How the Web Works

World Wide Web or simply the web is a subset of internet so don’t misunderstood that WWW and internet both are same, they are not actually. So, the web consist of wide pages that are accessed by using a web browsers. Basically WWW is a collection of internet resources like FTP, telnet, hyperlinks images and text, emails, video files, remote sites they all are accessed by browsers based on some of the standards such as http and TCP/IP network. WWW was invented by great scientist Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. To know about his Biography and facts click here. The main purpose of WWW is to establish communication between http and the client so http is the methods to transfer web pages to your system. A word hypertext contain a link to another website. However, all the pages are written in HTML language which works in conjunction with http.

How WWW different from Internet

WWW and internet both are related as many of the online activities prefix www but not all. So they both related somewhere but not same. Internet came into existence first is a superset of WWW, whereas WWW came decades later in 1989.

How the web works?

First we discuss the short overview of the web and internet. Internet is the interconnected network of devices while web is the subset of the internet which are reachable by the protocols like http or https and web pages are seen in browser. Some of the software application called a web browser that run on computer, mobile phone and tablet are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Opera and Microsoft Internet explorer.

Now we discuss how it works, user type a web address which is also known URL in the address-bar or just an IP address. If user doesn’t supplied the protocol then the browser will automatically add it and change the address by prefixing the protocol. Then the translation done on the other side in the world of internet on the web servers and requested page by the user were fetching out. Then these web servers configured to map the each user request to a specific file on the file-system and served as the same.

Working of Web