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Work Energy Theorem

Let us study what physical quantity changes when work is done on a particle. If a constant force F acts through a displacement x, it does work W = Fx = (ma) x on the particle.
Since the acceleration is constant, we can use the equation of kinematics
equation of kinematics
Thus,W = work done

The quantity K = kinetic energy is a scalar and is called the kinetic energy of the particle.

Kinetic energy is the energy that a particle posses by virtue of its motion.
Thus, the equation takes the form
W = Kf - Ki = DK

The work done by a force changes the kinetic energy of the particle. This is called the
Work-Energy Theorem.

In General

The net work done by the resultant of all the force acting on the particle is equal to the change in kinetic energy of a particle.
Wnet­ = DK


(i) The kinetic energy of an object is a measure of the amount of work needed to increase its speed from zero to a given value.
(ii) The kinetic energy of a particle is the work it can do on its surroundings in coming to rest.
(iii) Since the velocity and displacement of a particle depend on the frame of reference, the numerical values of the work and the kinetic energy also depend on the frame.

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