Secondary Storage: Definition, Technology & Devices

Secondary storage simply means holding the secondary copy of data of your computer’s operating system. It is non-volatile secondary storage that is not directly control by the CPU and doesn’t interact with the application directly. Sometimes also referred as external storage and auxiliary storage. Now the question is if we already using hard disk then what is need for secondary storage, so here is the answer this is used to primary storage through application and data protection methods. Object storage device is used to implement secondary storage and lesser the demand for primary one. This is the cheaper alternative to the internal hard drives.

Types of Secondary Storage Devices

Solid-State Storage

This device is very popular nowadays in the form of flash drives and USB drives and serve function is to transport data from one device to another. These device require less energy, and data is durable that are stored on it, can be erased if not required. Data is represented on the lower power chips or series of transistors using electrical current.

Optical Disks

This storage device is the good example of compact disk which offers good capacity of storage information and provide laser beam for reading and writing information.

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Magnetic tapes

This Storage device is used for storing digital information by using digital records. The device perform read and writes on the tape drive.

Hard Disks

Hard drive is a non-volatile memory hardware which store all your computer’s information and data physically in it and houses the hard disk. Sometimes hard disk is also known by the terms Hard Disk Drive so don’t get confused between the both. The term Hard Disk is the disk inside the drive. The size of the hard disk is generally vary for computer and laptop.

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Floppy Disks

Magnetic storage medium composed of thin layer and flexible sealing with the squared plastic carrier. To read and write from the floppy disk computer system must have floppy disk also referred to as simple floppy. I the early days when personal computers were used, floppy disk were used to distribute software, transfer files, and create back-up copies of data.