What Is Programming? - Definition & Introduction for Beginning Programmers

What is programming?

Programming which already take a term in a name itself is a process that takes algorithm and encode it into a different script so that they can be executed by a computer. As we know many programming languages and computer exist to fulfil the user solution to the problems and that done by us of algorithm which apply the divide and conquer method on every problem. Programming plays very vital role in the computer science so the representation of the language and the process to implement it become the fundamental part of the discipline. Algorithms are basically design so that they can provide best solution to the problem with the divide and conquer techniques. Programming language must provide the notational way to represent any process and the data associated with the process.

What is program?

We can define program, a list of instruction that when executed then computer behave with the functionality that are established in advance. In other words we can say without programs computers are useless. Basically a program contain variables and statements that combined together and tell computer what to do and in what direction. Variable can be numeric data, text or graphic images. It is a set of operations that are performed by computer and all the programs are stored in the storage area that are accessible to the computer. The process follow by computer to execute instruction is one by one, after executing first instruction.

What is algorithm?

Algorithm is a procedure that consist of some steps that are followed to execute any program. There are some of the qualities of good algorithm that inputs and outputs should be define precisely so that implementation can be done. Each step of the algorithm should be clear. It should be effective so that can be solve in many different ways. It should be written in a way that can be used in any programming language and shouldn’t have computer code. Lets take an example to understand the concept of algorithm. We are going to add two numbers for that we need to write algorithm.

  • Step 1: START
  • Step 2: Declare variables N1, N2 and SUM
  • Step 3: Read values of N1 and N2
  • Step 4: ADD N1 and N2 and ASSIGN result to SUM
  • Step 5: Display SUM
  • Step 6: STOP

Computer programming

Computer programming is a process of developing various sets of instructions that enable a computer to do certain task. So the instructions are considered as computer program and help the computer to operate smoothly. Computer programming become more necessary as the internet continues to expand and they are not programmed by untrained eye. The programming language follow the sequence of instructions that written using computer programming language to perform specific task. This approach is easy to learn that is going to provide a proper way to understand the concept of computer programming.

In this page you get to know about simple and practical approach of the programming and programming for beginners. No know more about high level programming languages het help from our expert online tutors. Click here to submit your requirements.

What is programming language?

Programming language is a coded language used by the programmers to write instructions for the programs that are understandable by computers so that it can perform the function that want by the programmer. One of the basic computer programming language is low-level language which is machine level means the language in understandable by machine because it use binary number code of 1’s and 0’s. Binary code executed very fast without using any translation or interpreter. Another advanced programming language is high-level language that are much simpler to use but need to use another program so that it can convert high-level code into machine code.

Programming for beginners

Proramming for Begineers

As we know computer science is a growing industry everywhere which look forward for the sharp and talented engineers that can code for the complex things in the programming world. But new skill booming so it is difficult for any programmer to know where he should start from. So here we are going to start with few steps that take early on programming language which are best-suited for beginners.

First step: Choosing a language

  • 1. Computer programming is a set of written instructions that must follow by any computer, and all the instructions written in different languages so that it can tend to be used to create different types of program. So choose a language that is relevant to your need and fulfil all your requirements that you want to do in you program. A user can also switch to different language if you feel language doesn’t suit your needs.
  • 2. In the second step you need to consider the related languages that are mainly used for creating standalone computer applications. Languages like C and C++ may be difficult for the beginners but this also give the knowledge of programming as well as how computer works.
  • 3. Now this is the time to consider the languages that are used to make web plugins or mobile apps they are JAVA and JavaScript. The languages are widely used these days, so they are should handy to know. Both the languages are totally so do not get confused with the names.
  • 4. A beginners can also try python which is very versatile language that is widely used across several platforms. Some of the advantages of this language is this is very powerful and easy to learn for the beginner.
  • 5. Consider PHP for server side programming which is a web programming language and relatively easy to use because of its popularity and weak typing.
  • 6. A beginner don’t limit himself to these languages there are many different languages with the varying uses. If you want to become a programmer, you will definitely need to switch to advance technology, so learn as many as you can.

Second step: Learning the language

  • 1. When a programmer enters into IT industry then the company will take care of his skills. Because as a programmer you already have a college degree to point to you. So learn by yourself more efficiently and get help from our online tutors.
  • 2. There are so many online tools that help for the programmers to write there code online in any language, compile and run them. So learn from all the free online services as these companies want more developers to help their resources that can be some of the best on the web.

Third step: Teaching yourself

  • 1. A beginner programmer can teach himself to start with the good book. So get a good book on the current programming language that you want to learn.
  • 2. Get an interpreter for the language you learning which is another computer program that will convert your ideas you’ve written in a programming language into machine code that make your program work. There are lots of program available you need to choose appropriate one suitable to you programming language.
  • 3. You can also learn from examples that mention in you book by putting them into your interpreter. Try to change the things in example according to your concepts and code like insane programmer, do the things whatever you have in your mind by trying different things.
  • 4. It’s time to put together your own ideas so that you can form a working program. Do start with the simple things and try by you own way and execute to more complex things as you continue reading and learning and make it possible about your programming language.
  • 5. Try to learn another language after actively programming in first language. As a programmer you’ll get most out of learning second programming language if you pick another language with different paradigms that one you start with.
  • 6. Being a programmer you need to continue programming and try new things. For the good programmer you need to keep up with changing technology. For the constant learning process, learn new languages, new paradigms and most importantly programming new things.