What is LAN card?

Local area network is a network type which links two computers in connection. To enable the connection between computer networks LAN card is required. LAN card is a piece of hardware which is connected inside the linking the computer network using the MAC address for network to work. ways by which create physical connection they are: OSI layer 1 i.e. physical layer and OSI layer 2 i.e. Data link layer. By using special types of WLAN card it allows the computer to connect using cables and wirelessly. As in increasing technology wireless type is much preferable for that LAN card is required. Internal working of LAN card is like: A computer with the wireless LAN card transmit and receive data via radio waves using spread-spectrum technology. It is available is four basic types followed by a, b and g. Sort of LAN card used having some typical features of a network card which includes twisted pair. It is designed to used rate transfer to be ranging from 10 to 1000 megabits/sec.

LAN Card

Function of LAN cards

The purpose of LAN is to create physical connection which is open door. The first physical interface supported by LAN card through which cable plugs into the card. That interface is well defined in technical documentation which is best fit for network cables. The second function is to provide data link. Both of the function are the theoretical model in networking called Open system interconnection (OSI). The function of data link of a LAN card provides sending and receiving of network binary data and that data flow in zeros and ones form the network to the network card. Then card recognize the flow of data and check for errors. After that when you turn on computer with the LAN card it will show two lights green and orange, orange light will come on when data link layer is activated this means cable work and network connected and bits are flowing. Second green light shown network layer is activated now.

Types of LAN cards

There are many different types of LANs, Ethernet is the most common for systems and Apple macintosh networks are based on Apple’s AppleTalk network system. There are some of the things which differentiate one LAN from another they are: topology, Protocol and media.