What is Database Management? - How Databases Help Organizations

What is Database Management?

Before going to Database management system first understand what is database. Database is nothing but an organized collection of data or information so that it can be easily accessed, updated or manipulated. Example: planning the availability of rooms in hotels such a way that going to support and finding a hotel with vacancies. If we talk about Database management System then in simple it is a software that manages database on a computer. Example of some of the Database management software are Microsoft access, MySQL, Oracle etc. It is a software package which define, manipulated, retrieve and manage data in a database. It also define the rules to manipulate the data in the database by using some query language to do so. It also frame user data for data maintenance. SQL is a structured query language which is used with the DBMS to interact with a database.

Library Example of Database Management

Library is one of the best suited example of Database Management. In which all types of books need to be catalogued so that we know what is available in the library. Each catalog contain some field with different values. So the librarian assign unique keyword to different catalog so that it can be searchable. This is all about how the books, magazine and newspapers are organized in the library, but once we have catalog we need a way for users to check out the books present in the library. So users register in the library with the help of library card and use those cards to access library material they want to take with them. Registration will include some of the user personal details in order to access the material. There is day-by-day operation to keep the record that how many days library’s material be with the user that record mainly two filed check in time and check out or return time.

Benefits of Database Management

Database management is all about handling and managing of data that is commonly used by many organization to allow collection of data, as well as background integration. Management is not only end here it also ensure information is easily accessed by users. Help to facilitate data duplication.Need help to know how database management help an organization? Get help from our experts in Database management assignment they are going to provide you satisfactory results.

Now learn how the benefits of Database management helps to an organization in different ways. We are going to discuss some of the benefits.

  • East data control: Data Duplication is no required because all information is centralized. Like traditional paper systems, all the information are recorded in sheets and making copies of them is also difficult so user use data firsthand without making new copies. It also helps to remove the cost of duplication resulting from single application program.
  • Accuracy: Holding a data become easier as data is stored on multiple computers using management software. Many organizations use DBMS to maintain accuracy of information by doing the same they are able to improve their standards.
  • Better processing speed: Database management using computer system that make them responsive which is better with a well-versed DBMS, as compared to linear computer applications.
  • Reuse of data code: This is one of the main benefit of Database management is that each part can reuse code from other modules or sections. Inventory data is an example that is stored in a section separate from another set of data.

How Database help Organizations

Maintaining database help your organization in many ways that we are going to discuss now. You can also learn how it can help to your organization from our online tutors. Click here. Get help in Database management assignment.

Database Software Allows for Timely Note-Taking

When the business grows and you have a lot customers to deal with. Because customer may have queries regarding to product they buy from you. So a company need to track all the customers chat record and what they desire from you. To remember a need of every customer is difficult for anyone so to solve this problem a good database can be used. All the database software allow to make note entries into client’s online file. Benefit of using to track conversation is that you can keep personal notes about clients then will remind you to inquire about things the customer care about.