What is Computer Hardware?

A computer system consist two major elements hardware and software. So a computer hardware is a collection of physical elements that are tangible too like monitor, mouse, keyboard, computer data storage, hard disk drive (HDD), graphic cards, sound cards, memory, motherboard and so on.

Computer Hardware

Components of Computer Hardware


It is a physical arrangement of basic component and electronic skeleton of the entire system.

Role of Motherboard

The role of motherboard is to allow the components of computer to become team players. It also allow to make connection between the components by collecting information, and give power to them from all the right places. For every connection motherboard is labelled and coded. Connecting the components to motherboard should be done carefully because wrong connection can result in a computer won’t reboot and can also damage a component.

CPU(Central Processing Unit)

A brain of the system and the powerful calculator that process user request into binary format and give it back on monitor which is understandable by user.

Role of CPU

CPU is the most powerful component of the computer whether not the biggest one but the most expensive. Try to start your computer without CPU You will realize your system need a brain of the operation. Choosing a fast CPU chip will give you higher performance and less frustration. While installing chip onto motherboard read instructions carefully. Remember when intend to buy a new CPU, make sure it will not just fir in the specific socket to your motherboard, it should be compatible with your motherboard in terms of power requirements.


Stands for Random Access Memory this is an indispensable short-term memory.

Role of RAM

If we talk about memory anyone can just do one think at a time when you try to do multiple task your memory become strained Because Ram memory can store short-term memory, Whenever frequent search done it will search in your hard drive for data which takes time and slower the computing experience.

Hard Drive

This is the memory location where all the data stored and save permanently.

Role of Hard Drive

RAM is for short term use means nothing stored on RAM when computer is turn on after off mode. Hard Drive store everything. But Mechanical drives takes time to find data and to spin up which resulting a noticeable pause.


This is a shell which holds all computer components together.

Role of cases

All the motherboards not having specific case, and not the cases are best suited for a specific motherboard. It comes into variety of different from-factors. When you intended to buy a new motherboard or case make sure they are compatible to each other example a case offers microphone jack connection and earphone so take advantage of them and avoid to use back ports for the same. The larger you case the less it will heat and easily you can change its parts, add, upgrade.

There are some additional components which are rarely present in all systems.

Optical Drives

Example of Optical Drives are DVD players, DVD burners, CD readers and burners, mini-disc readers.

Expansion Cards

Expansion cards are connected via PCI and PCI Express Slots. Example of expansion cards are Graphic cards, Sound cards, network adapters, and other upgradable computer addition.


To keep critical component from overheating there is active cooling fans in computers.