What is Application Software?

Application Software is a productivity programs or end-user programs which enable the user to complete it task like: creating documents, spreadsheets, databases, publish the blogs, doing online research, sending email, designing graphic, running business, playing games and so on all depends on user wanted task. Application software is task specific u can use it like a simple calculator or complex one as word processing application. There are so many formatting setting that user can change according to them example word processor application has already set margins, font style and size of the text that is by default, user can change it document appearance.

Microsoft word is includes in the software suite of application Microsoft office which is popular word-processing application. A group of software application with the related functionality is software suite. A browser is an application which is designed to locate, retrieve and display content found on the Internet. By user is able to view web pages including in web sites by clicking on hyperlink and by typing URL.

Different Types of Application Software

Word Processing Software

This software enable user to create document. Can change according to requirement. Example of Word processing software is MS-Word, WordPad, and the other text editors.

Database Software

It is a structured collection of data which can be manipulate, delete and update according to requirement. A computer database relies on database software to organize data which allow user to store and retrieve data from database. Examples are MSAccess and oracle.

Spreadsheets Software

This software allow user to perform calculation using spreadsheets it can also simulate paper worksheets by displaying multiple cells that make up a grid. Examples are Excel, Lotus1-2-3 etc.

Multimedia software

Multimedia software are capable of playing media files. By allowing user to create and play audio and video files. There are some form of multimedia software so that you can do changes in your files like audio convertor, audio player, burners, video encoders, and decoders. Examples are Media player and real player etc.

Presentation Software

This software is used to display information in the form of slideshows we can also sat that as a presentation software. The software include mainly three functions: Editing that allow insertion and formatting the text, methods to include graphics to represent text and functionality to execute the slideshow. Example are PowerPoint is the best example.

Enterprise Software

This software required to fulfil the needs of organization processes and data flow. Customer relationship management or the financial processes in an organization are carried out with the help of this software.

Application software are available in different forms


Many software are licensed and not sold user need to purchase the license not the software itself. Sometimes licensed are limited to the certain users. Most software licenses allow you to run the application only on one machine. Licenses disallow the resale of software.


As opposed to licensed these are sold to users. User need to purchase the software from the vendor in that case user have legitimate copy of software so that you can resale software.

As Freeware

This kind of software are downloaded, used and copied without any restriction. Usually small programs are open to use they are known as freeware.

As Shareware

Same as freeware can be downloaded from Internet but need to pay some amount. These type of software are developed by software companies and they made there software available as shareware.

Open Source

These software as the name implies are made available with the source code. Open source code is open for modification and use. But note that here, ‘free’ refers to the freely available source code.

Runs online

There are some software that run online like Antivirus. Similarly, Internet games that you can play online no need to download at user site.

Examples of Application Software

  • Opera (Web Browser)
  • Microsoft Word (Word Processing)
  • Microsoft Excel (Spreadsheet software)
  • MySQL (Database Software)
  • Microsoft Powerpoint (Presentation Software)
  • iTunes (Music / Sound Software)
  • VLC Media Player (Audio / Video Software )
  • World of Warcraft (Game Software)
  • Adobe Photoshop (Graphics Software)