What is a Byte?

A byte is a unit of data in computer system which is 8 bit long here and a bit means binary digits series of 0 and 1. A byte represent character such as letter, numbers, or topographic symbols in computer system It can also hold a string which is used in larger unit for application purpose. Byte encompasses of number of bits which is used to encode a single character or text in a computer and because of this it is smallest addressable unit. There are many of the files which contain thousands of bytes and all these files store in Storage Device which is measured in storage capacity of gigabytes or terabytes.

How we can measure Bytes

By using the bytes we can measure why they are special and why we use them. As we all know we use base 10 numbering system which contain digits 0-9 also known as decimal system. Whereas computer use binary number system in which each digit consist either 0 0r 1. But binary work like exactly decimal system by converting one form to another.

Binary to Decimal

Binary to Decimal Conversion

Decimal to Binary

Decimal to Binary Conversion