What Is Telecommuting? - Definition, Advantages & Disadvantages

Telecommuting Definition

The term Telecommuting define a type of work arrangement in which employees of the company not present in the company rather they works outside from the office like home, coffee shop or a place close to home. Rather than traveling to the office employee travels via telecommunication links and keep in touch with coworkers with his team members via telephone and email. Such worker who working in telecommuting environment enter the office rarely just to attend meeting and there are options for distance conferencing so there may be no need to visit the office. This allow worker greater freedom regarding to work hours and location and provide more flexibility to balance work and his personal life. This also benefit the company this will make workers more productive. In the Today world many companies offer telecommuting jobs some of these are sales, customer service and marketing. There are many jobs in technology also that done via telecommuting.

Advantages of Telecommuting

No Commuting

This advantage depends on your current commute, can save your time from minutes to hour and in that time you can do things related to your personal life like sleeping, workout, spending time with family and so on.

Increased Independence

An employee done his work without constant reminder which are preferable by everyone. You will not be a part office politics, no boss, no distracting coworkers, this can be sublime. Rather than you are not distracting from the things at your home like television, comfy bed to take nap and so on. A telecommuter having high degree of self-control and self-discipline.

Increased savings

People who work from have very less need for professional cloths and no need to spend money to travel daily this can save lots of money every year. So people who working from home able to save taxes because of the tax –deductible expenses.

More Flexibility

Flexibility depends upon the type of job in which you indulge because some of the jobs only allow flexible hours or schedule. So you can adjust your work accordingly.

Disadvantages of Telecommuting

Decreased human interaction

working from home can feel you isolating if you good to interact with others. Interaction can only possible via e-mail, phone calls, instant messaging and video conferencing which is not for sure substitute to face-to-face interaction. Coworking space is preferable to solve such problems.

Blurring Work and Personal life

Telecommuting work environment sometimes affect your personal life because you can’t always shut out the work related to home while you you’re working rather than having a separate work space. This thing somewhere affecting your office work.

Difficulty Demonstrating Workload

People working at office space might perceives you that you doing less work because you’re at home. So this is important to showcase your workload to mangers and coworkers that you are doing as much.