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Web Page Design And Development Assignment Help

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Introduction to the Web Page Design And Development:

It is a process in which is use to creates a new website or implementing changes to one already in use, e.g. adding a banificial new section to a present site. In basic terms, the process shows a basic framework within which all activitiesfrom inception to review can take place.

Eight basic steps which are used in the design and development process. which are:

1. Planning: Give the reason why you want a website and what to create.

2. Content: Make a list of the content you want.

3. Design: Make a design for displaying the content.

4. Construction: Code writing and loading of your content.

5. Test: Check every steps and make sure that everything works properly.

6. Hosting: Select a domain name and get a place to put your site on the Internet.

7. Publicity: Raise traffic via publicity the site.

8. Review: At some intervals review the site to make sure for success.

However Website Development enclosures a set of quite specialist animations, the procedures that fundamentals it are the same as for any other project. Such as, it require a team to find out the work, a timescale to work within and a set of resources to sustain it. Like, when before starting work the some basic elements should be accounted for :

Project objective example, a new website, a new section of content, a new online application.

Project team it means, leader of project, producer of content, designer, coder and other skills.

Budget: This section is refer to The Website Managers Handbook for insight on using the basics of Website Scale to plan budgets of projects.

Timeframe: It is also refer to The Website Managers Handbook for insight on using the basics of Website Scale to plan timeframes of projects.

Project risks analysis, dependencies and assumptions, such as, what could go wrong? What possibilities are in place, etc.

A system for project management & communication, e.g. weekly meetings, email, etc.

Web Page Design And Development Assignment Help

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