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It is totally based on digital technology, and in these days digitization is very vast technique in every field. Visual design is integrated with digital techniques, it is important to create sophisticated and impressive visual images which communicate effectively. We can say that design is purposeful organization when it comes on visual aspects specially two dimensional designs. Two dimensional designs will only represents width and height.

Some important elements for design:

It is the most basic thing which play important role in visual designing. These are

  • Line: It is most basic and initial step for creating new image and draw a preliminary sketches to communicate your ideas to others. It can represent outside contours of a shape. It is two types visual lines and implied lines.
  • Shape: It defines identity of any objects. It has width and length both and two dimensional. It can be designed distorted, nonobjective, realistic etc.
  • Negative space: It is empty area which surrounded by shape (positive space). When we create any picture frame, then space between frame is called negative space.
  • Volume: It is found in 3D visuals, which have length, width, and depth. It can be observed from angles and in actual environments. It might be done virtually with time based medium like CD-ROM, video etc.
  • Value: It says light and dark it means it depends on light, and light allow us to see the contrast of values that create shape and form. If contrast is high then design gives clarity and depth.
  • Color: It is also as important as light elements. As we all know that when light rays are pass-through any prism, then it reflects seven colors of light. Any way when any image have blue color it blue color and observe rest of colors. And this color is called subtractive color which made from emitted light. And additive color example is computer monitor.
  • Texture: It describe surface quality of any objects. It is divide into two types first one is tactile, and second one is implied.

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Principles of designs:

It is based on the human perception of visual elements. It is basically used Gestalt Theory of visual perception, it states that humans are inherently looks for a relationship between various elements. You can observe and analyze particular part of any image and have the tendency to create group of these parts and make a big image which may be different from their components. Any object design is almost anything, it can be foundation of any project.

Visual Design Fundamentals Assignment Help

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