What Is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)? - Definition & Types

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network which is constructed by using public wires usually the internet to connect to a private network. This network create an encrypted connection over a less secure network which will benefit a network to ensure of the security of the systems are connected to VPN network. This network technology creates a secure network connection over a public network such as internet. Large corporations, educational institutes and government agencies use VPN technology to enable remote users to securely connect to a private network. It can connect multiple sites over a long distance same like WAN. They are basically use to extend intranets over worldwide to publish information to a wide user base. Such networks are used by educational institutions to connect their campuses that can be distributed across the country over the world. In order to access such network user should be authenticated with unique identification and password. After authentication token used by user to access a private network which is a PIN number that a user must enter. PIN is Personal Identification Number. Pin is a differ from person to person which is an authentication code.

Types of Virtual Privet Network (VPN)

Remote Access VPN

Remote Access VPN also known as Virtual Private dial-up Network (VPDN). This network is mainly used where remote access for a network become essential. This also allow to access data that accessed between a company’s private network and remote users through a third party services provider. Lets take an example sales team present over a globe and using remote access VPN to update can be made. Using remote Access VPN technology employees can do their office work from anywhere they want which is going to improve Business Productivity. This would also improve response times and enabling work without physically present in office premises.

Site to Site VPN

Site to Site-Intranet based: The purpose of this VPN to join a single network when multiple remote locations are present. Also the machines located on the remote location work like they are working on a single network. Site to Site-Extranet based: In this type of VPN it can be used in many different companies need to work in shared environment. This type is more manageable and work on reliable frequency. Example of such VPN is Distributors and service companies.

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