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Transport phenomenon involves two types of transfers generally. The first being is about heat transfer that comprises of transfer of heat from hot to cold bodies and second one is about mass transfer which involves transfer of matter from high to low concentration.Chemical Engineering Assignment Help Order Now Heat transfer is of three types – conduction, convection and radiation. Though all three are equally important in chemical engineering but convection has its own importance as it is necessary in processes like separation and heat exchange.

Details of separation processes and heat exchange operations are covered under different topics. This chapter provides an overview of the basic concepts of transport problems and it also covers the elementary relations and equations used for problem solving in one-dimension. Also enlisted are the various transport properties that we will come across. There are many similarities in molecular transport, heat, or mass. There is similarity in the molecular diffusion equations of Newton for momentum, Fourier for heat and Fick for mass. Therefore many analogies among these three molecular transport processes exist.

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