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Touch Screen Technology: Definition and lessons

In traditional years computer system used keyboard and mice as input device but from some of the recent year touchscreen technology came in existence which is used to interact with computers systems from the human touch particularly design for mobile devices. You can see it as an electronic visual display that controlled or operate by user from touching the screen by using one or more fingers. This interaction is much more reliable than using mouse and keyboard. Very common to the tablets computer so that user can use both touchscreen technology and traditional one. These screen are sensitive to pressure.

3 types of Touchscreen Technology are available

  • Resistive: This touchscreen layer is made up of thin metallic electrically conductive layer that cause electrical current and registered as event and sent controller to process. These are generally more affordable and gives 75% clarity, doesn’t affect by outside elements such as water and dust.
  • Surface Wave: This uses ultrasonic wave that passes over touch screen panel whenever the panel is touched by the user that portion of the wave is adsorbed. But this touchscreen technology is damaged by outside world.
  • Capacitive: This technology is coated with the electrical charges. Gives high clarity and not affected by outside world.

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Multi-touch technology

This technology comes after simple touch in this method user can input more than once at the same time, meanwhile he can input to the display screen using his two or more fingers. Apple iPhone is famous for introducing multi-touch technology in the cell phone world which allow zooming on that platform. This technology is associated with capacitive touchscreen display rather than resistive touchscreen display. There are some of the example of multi-touch technology which includes. User can rotate image according to his requirement on the display screen. Can reshape any object in a touch screen display. Typing on the software keyboard as compared to hardware one by using shortcuts.