Tim Berners-Lee Biography

Timothy John Berners-Lee

Timothy John Berners-Lee a Britain’s scientist and inventor of WWW. He was the first scientist which establish communication between HTTP server and client with the use of the internet and proposed a system about information management in march 1989. He is also the director of WRSI and member of MIT Center. In 2004 he honoured by the Queen of England for his work on the development of the Internet. He is also honoured with the title of “inventor of World Wide Web” and he tweet after that “this is for everyone”.

Life of Tim Berners-Lee

He was born on June 8,1955. His parents name Mary Lee Woods and Conway Berners-Lee, had three siblings. He would worked with first commercial computer FerrantiMark1 so computer were his legacy. He went to Sheen Mount Primary School in 1969 and proceeded to Emanuel school till 1973. As a kid he was very keen to learned about electronics and a good train spotter. Later he enrolled at the University of Oxford and received degree in Physics.

Career of Tim Berners-Lee

After completed his graduation he was engineer at a Plessey telecom located Poole. Later in 1978 he went to work for D.G. Nash in Dorset and here he had a hand in creating type-setting software which is used for printing machines.

In 1980 from June to December he worked for CERN as an independent contractor and till he was there he made a proposal based on what is known as hypertext. He came with the prototype system ENQUIRE to demonstrate it and see how it work. Afterthat he left CERN in 1980 and moved to John Pooles Computer System Ltd there he was the technical side of the company for 3 years. He work for project “real time remote procedure call” this project gave him a taste of Computer Networking.

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After five years CERN is known as largest internet node and this was the time when Tim saw his chance to meld HTTP with Internet. He came with his first proposal in march 1989 and the very first server name with CERN HTTPd. This would be the very fast website that was ever built on CERN and published in 1991 on 6 August. It was the both a web server and site and the NeXT computer located at CERN was used to run it.

In 1994, Sir Berners-Lee founded W3C at MIT and made up of different companies who willing to work and make improvement as well. The fact on which he implement is he make sure about his ideas were available to everyone.

His Current Work

In June 2009, British PM announced Tim would work for government so they could make data accessible to the one who need it and should be open to people. He and one another person were the main figures behind the UK government site. He is among the voices in favour of Net Neutrality and the main moto of his that internet service provider should be supply connectivity to user with the no strings attached and that should not monitor the activities of subscriber. Last October 2013 , the Alliance for Affordable internet was launched and he is leading public and private coalition which includes companied Facebook and Google.

Facts of Tim Berners-Lee

The first and important one he made first communication between HTTP client and server through the Internet in 1989 and invented the World Wide Web. Received Knighthood from Queen of London in 2004. He is the director of W3C. He was honoured during the opening of 2012 Summer Olympics in London. He became a Fellow of the Royal Society. He admitted that the pair of slashes(//) at the end of URL is being unnecessary.