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Structure and Reactivity of Molecules Assignment Help

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Introduction to the Structure and Reactivity of Molecules:

Molecules structures are made of fixed numbers of atoms joined together. Atoms can be joined covalent bonds, and can range from the very small to the very large. Structural formulas of molecules give you some idea of the structure of a molecule; they do not show the atoms' exact arrangement. The covalent bonds holding the molecules together are very strong, but these are largely irrelevant to the physical properties of the substance. Reactivity of Molecules: The reactivity of a molecule is affected by the degree of substitution of a carbon that is bonded to a functional group. Carbons in molecule are designated as primary, secondary, or tertiary. A primary carbon is bonded with only one other carbon, the functional group is bounded with the secondary carbon and it is also bonded with two other carbons. Three carbon and a functional group is connected with the tertiary carbon.

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The Structure and Reactivity of Molecules Assignment Help

Reactivity of molecules refers to:

  1. The chemical reactions of two or more substances that interact with each other,

  2. The systematic study of sets of reactions of these two kinds,

  3. Methodology that applies to the study of reactivity of chemicals of all kinds,

  4. The chemical reactions of a single substance,

  5. Experimental methods that are used to observe these processes,

  6. Theories to predict and to account for these processes.

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