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The Internet: IP Addresses, URLs, ISPs, DNS & ARPANET

The word internet which is also referred as net or web, Main purpose to develop internet to aid in the progress of computing technology by liking all the best academic computer centers. In 1960, internet was developed and the first message transmitted on Friday, October 29, 1969. In 1993 internet experience its largest growth and now is accessible by people all over the world. The internet and its services make people life convenient, because person get every information related to his choosen topic on internet. Because it contain thousands of pages that are created by people and companies to expose their products and related information to them.

IP address

IP stands for Internet Protocol. This is the unique logical address that every system has on the network same like an address when you sending mail which also contain the unique address of the sender and receiver. In other words we can say IP address is the identifier of the computer or device on TCP/IP network. It also specify the format of packets which is also known as datagram by using network route the datagram on the basis of IP address of the destination.

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Format of IP address

IP address is 32-bit long numeric address if we are using IPV4 version, whereas IPV6 has 128-bit long address. Address written in four numbers separated by periods and each number can be in range of 0 to 255. Example: this could be an IP address. In an isolated network you can assign IP addresses so that every address is unique which is used to connecting a private network to internet require by registered IP address.


Stands for Uniform Resource Locator, Informally known as a web address, It specify a web resource that helps to find out the location of that web address on the computer network and methods to retrieving that. It mainly encompasses of two components protocol identifier and resource identifier. Lets take an example to understand both the terms. so here http is protocol identifier and is resource identifier. Resource name is the complete address to the resource and that depends totally on protocol used.


ISP stands for Internet Service Provider is an internet service provider company whether for individual user or for a company or a business access to the internet. Charge a monthly fee from the community by providing a software package which contain a username, password and access phone number. Sometimes it is also known as Internet Service provider (ISP).


DNS stands for Domain Name System are the internet’s equivalent phonebook which are going to maintain directory of domain names and translate into IP address. This is necessary to do because domain name are easy to remember for any person as compared to IP address. When you find a web address on internet then your ISP views the DNS associated with that domain name you search and translate it into machine friendly IP address and directs you to the correct website.


ARPANET stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network which was developed in 1969 by United States ARPA. It was the first which use packet switching, and mainly invented for Wide Area Network linking many universities and research centers. This is the first Internet which was released on August 30, 1969. This was designed to serve service to even nuclear attack. Before ARPANET, network was based on the circuit switching which were basically a telephone network.