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It is term which define drawing and documentation of any project and it is very precise about technology and use this technology to structure and technical mapping of an architecture. It is depended upon designing and their standards.

Design Standards:

Variation in size and of any application and variation in designing. When any project is created then it may be possible that design variation occur. Development tools such as NetBeans, JDeveloper and web services which developed project are developed on designed standards for increase productivity.

Technical Infrastructure & Development Standards: In technical infrastructure you can use some development tools such as java development, oracle application tools, NetBeans etc. Here we see Java EE environment.

Java EE environment:For this we can use oracle application server as a platform which will host the java enterprise edition application. Components of java EE and architectural are oracle database, web tier, WTS infrastructure, Hardware cluster. Oracle have to clustering capacities on the java EE.

Implementation of Web Tier is done with Apache HTTP server which works in opposite proxy mode. Purpose of web tier is:

  • URLs application is virtualizes.
  • It can act as termination end for HTTPs traffic,
  • It will provides services of authorizations which act as forcing point of siteminder product.

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PHP Development:

It can supports technology on small projects or may be medium type project which not required reliability of database transaction structures. At the time of implementation of project along to PHP must be obey software configuration management process must be followed.

Software Configuration Management:

It is basically provide landscape to the technology with management. Role and aims of SCM is:

  • Identifying configuration it means defining that which code are in use?
  • Controlling configuration means control on launched product and changes
  • Build management management of process and tools which are used for builds.

Web Application Development:

  • It is developed by many technique, in these days it used framework and MVC design pattern, which have capability of dividing application in layers in smaller framework.
  • Application of HTML code generator.
  • Using browser plugin technologies.
Technical Architecture Assignment Help

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