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Software Architect is an architectures tool that is used to develop UML Diagrams from database Source. We will guide you in your assignments related to System Architect or UML Diagram. It is build on Eclipse open-source software Framework and it have the capabilities to focus on architecture code like C++, Model-driven development(MDD) with the UML for creating Web Services and Applications. Our Experts will help you in your Assignments and doudts regarding UML Diagrams.

System Architect

Features of Rational Software Architect

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  1. Supports all version of UML

  2. It Supports model-to-code and code-to-model transformations

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Model to Code:

  • UML to Java
  • UML to C#
  • UML to C++
  • UML to EJB
  • UML to WSDL
  • UML to XSD
  • UML to CORBA Interface Description Language (IDL)

Code to Model:

  • Java to UML
  • C++ to UML
  • .NET to UML

  1. Draw flow charts manually

  2. Multi-page print

  3. PDF flow charts

  4. Save charts.

  5. Export to Visio

  6. Export to PowerPoint and Word

  7. Bulk charting.
System Architect Assignment Help

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