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In this process collection of factual data is done or we can say that it is made up of gathering factual data, identifying error, and give suggestion for improving function of the system. It consist all business process, collecting operational data, understand the flow of all informational data, finding all problems and give their solutions. It can also solve your complicated process by dividing them. The major role and goal of this analysis is that find answer for all programming and software problems.

System Analysis

Analytical system contains 4W process it means:

  • WHAT: What system will do;
  • WHO: Who will use this system;
  • WHEN: When it will be implemented;
  • WHERE: Where it will be implemented.

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Analysis is done in three stages:

  • Strategy Analysis: It is design for guiding efforts to the team of project. In this system basically contains study of current system like problems etc.
  • Requirement Collecting: It comes after first step, in which collect all requirements by the help of group-work shops and questionnaires. In this analysis basically done for combinations of input from the project sponsor with many other people for innovations.
  • Proposal of system: In this step both of above stages is represented by documentation means all concepts, and new innovative ideas are documented and then proposed.

System Design:

It totally depends on user requirements and existing system analysis which is newly designed. It is phase of designing of any system which is very critical stage in developing system. It is processed in two steps:

  • Preliminary design: It is the first step toward designing in which we have to define specification, features of the system, and also finding-out total cost of implementation of the system and then we decide that product is feasible or not.
  • Structured design: In this step, we explain programming and starts all processes. In this stage system design will more structured.


It is a final stage of SDLC, in which system is finally built and may be purchased or when it is packaged then it will undergo installation process. This stage need more attention due to high cost of software development process.

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