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Surface Chemistry Assignment Help

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Introduction to Surface Chemistry:

The branch of the Chemistry which deals with the study of surface phenomena is called surface Chemistry. One important branch of surface science, surface chemistry is concerned with the measurement of surface composition and the study of surface chemistry of solid samples. It can be roughly defined as the study of chemical reactions at interfaces. The study of chemical reactions in which the reactants are first adsorbed onto a surface medium that then acts as a catalyst for the reaction. This aims at modifying the chemical composition of a surface by incorporation of selected elements or functional groups that produce various desired effects or improvements in the properties of the surface or interface.

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Points to be remembered for surface chemistry:

Surface Chemistry Assignment Help
  1. Adsorption
  2. Type of adsorption
  3. Physical adsorption/physisorption
  4. Desorption
  5. Sorption
  6. Chemical adsorption/chemisorption
  7. Adsorption isotherm
  8. Application of adsorption
  9. Freundlich adsorption isotherm
  10. Factors affecting adsorption
  11. Catalysts
  12. Adsorption theory of Heterogeneous catalysis

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