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Introduction to Structure and Bonding:

Bonding is the joining of two atoms in a stable arrangement. Atoms can form either ionic or covalent. Covalent bonds to attain a complete outer shell (octet rule for second row elements, stable noble gas configuration). Structures provide a picture of bonding in molecules in terms of the shared pair of electrons and octet rule. Picture may not explain the bonding and behavior of molecules completely. It helps in understanding the formation and properties of the molecules to a large extent.

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Structure and Bonding Assignment Help

Types of Bonding:

  1. Ionic boning
  2. Covalent Bonding
  3. Polar covalent bonding
  4. Metallic bonding
  5. Hydrogen bonding

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Types of structure:

  • Ionic structure
  • Giant covalent structure
  • Metallic structure
  • Molecular structure

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